Was my teacher trying to teach us creationism?

Was my teacher trying to teach us creationism? Topic: Was my teacher trying to teach us creationism?
June 19, 2019 / By Acklie
Question: We're studying the basics of DNA and genetics, and she said we would watch a clip. She put the DVD in and on the screen the title was "The Case For A Creator." None of the other students pay attention since I questioned them after class and they said they didn't pay attention. She went to scene select and the clip was about how DNA was so complex it couldn't have come around by chance. It was blatant creationism in my opinion but I don't want to complain because it might start a controversy. This is a link to the documentary website. http://www.leestrobel.com/Creator.htm Please tell me what you think.
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Stacie Stacie | 4 days ago
Your teacher is stupid. It won't help complaining about her. If she was intelligent enough to understand the argument, she wouldn't have ended up as dumb as she is.
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Stacie Originally Answered: If i could prove Creationism scientifically, would you be interested?
There are HOURS of video. If Walter J. Veith had reasonable, empirical evidence he could write about it in a peer-reviewed article. You haven't done your homework, which is to educate yourself. This isn't uncommon for theists, who've been taught that "God did it" is a reasonable explanation for just about everything. The Theory of Evolution has overwhelming and conclusive evidence. There are at least eleven areas of study and empirical data supporting the Theory of Evolution. They are: * Paleontology (fossils) * Genetics * Distribution of Animals and Plants * Comparative Anatomy * Embryology * Vestigial Organs * Natural Selection * Sexual Selection * Molecular Biology * Bad Design * Lab Experiments The Theory of Evolution is the basic unifying concept of biology. The CEO of The American Association for the Advancement of Science, Alan Leshner, wrote, “Although scientists may debate details of the mechanisms of evolution, there is no argument among scientists as to whether evolution is taking place.” The National Academy of Sciences, the most prestigious scientific organization in the United States, has declared evolution “one of the strongest and most useful scientific theories we have,” and notes that evolution is supported by an overwhelming scientific consensus. The Theory of Evolution has as much validity as the theory of gravity, atomic theory, or the germ theory of disease. For more evidence, see the first three links. The first link has the evidence that conclusively proves that humans share common ancestry with the chimps, apes, and orangutans. -

Pru Pru
Yes, she was teaching creationism. The argument that DNA is too complex to have come about by chance is not scientific, it's a religious claim.
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Maybelline Maybelline
Wow. Yeah. I would say something to the head of your science department or even the principal. Edit: There are states where the teaching of creationism in science classes is okay? I feel stupid for not knowing that. Wow.
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Laurena Laurena
I'm pretty sure that's illegal. It certainly should be. I would definately complain. Request another video, like something by David Attenborough such as "Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life" part one.
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Jilly Jilly
That's not creationism, but yeah, your teacher was trying to teach theism next to evolution. I would have your parents report her actions to the principal. God and/or religion shouldn't be a part of the public school curriculum. Female *teachers*, man!
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Jilly Originally Answered: Why do those who defend Evolution wants only to prove Creationism wrong?
This is the first I have heard of the comet-brick theory. I know that life finds very creative ways to survive and that the life that I know about contains spirit. I can also tell you with some certainty that neither the creation nor the evolution story tells the beginning of life as it happened because at the time, no one knew how to write it down as it happened. And the essence of life may very well be God-nature and it would certainly "be in" dna as it is in all living matter, perhaps even all energetic matter, but the physical mass is- I think- only the basis of the living spirit that develops from it. Spirit "evolves" from flesh. My cat's breath smells like cat food.

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