Was Oliver Cromwell a good leader? Was he considered a good person?

Was Oliver Cromwell a good leader? Was he considered a good person? Topic: Was Oliver Cromwell a good leader? Was he considered a good person?
July 16, 2019 / By Melinda
Question: I have this thing I have to do for homework where I have to come up with 3 characteristics that make a good leader/person and judge Oliver Cromwell on the characteristics that we come up with.
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Leatrice Leatrice | 9 days ago
3 characteristics of a good leader: 1: Outstanding military commander. Cromwell won every major battle he participated in as a senior commander,in England, Scotland, and Ireland.He was very popular with his troops.He essentially ruled England as a military dictator in the 1650s, only possible because his army was extremely loyal to him personally. 2: Modest character. When Cromwell wrote letters or reports about his successful battles, he never took the credit himself.He always gave the credit to God first, and the ordinary soldiers under his command second. In these letters, Cromwell always describes the actions of his command as "we" - in other words,Cromwell plus his soldiers, not as "I" as in 'I did this,I did that, so we won'. Even when Lord Protector, Cromwell remained a modest man. When sitting for his portrait, he instructed the court artist,Sir Peter Lely, not to follow the normal form of portraiture, and show Cromwell as a handsome, perfectly formed hero. Lely was instructed to paint Cromwell's true likeness "...warts and all." 3: Willing to make sacrifices for the greater good of the cause. When Parliament was forming the New Model Army in early 1645, many thought neither MPs nor members of the House of Lords should hold commissions in the new army. A bill to this effect, The Self Denying Ordinance, was put before Parliament. Cromwell agreed with the idea, and voted for The Self Denying Ordinance, even though he believed this would mean the end of his military command and therefore his direct participation in the Civil War. (In the event, he was the only MP or Lord retained as an officer in the New Model Army). Cromwell was also a narrow minded religious fanatic who liked to get his own way. He became Lord Protector of England and wielded dictatorial powers.However, it is possible to argue, quite strongly, that the actions that led him to this position, and many of the decisions he made once in power,were the result of, and could be justified by,political necessity. It's for you to decide for yourself!
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Joi Joi
Good leader--He conquered Ireland and Scotland; is that good? He made England a republic--is that good? Cromwell has been a very controversial figure in the history of the British Isles – a regicidal dictator to some historians (such as David Hume and Christopher Hill) and a hero of liberty to others (such as Thomas Carlyle and Samuel Rawson Gardiner). In Britain he was elected as one of the Top 10 Britons of all time in a 2002 BBC poll. His measures against Irish Catholics have been characterized by some historians as genocidal or near-genocidal, and in Ireland itself he is widely hated. Cromwell was buried in Westminister Abby (so I guess he was good) but then he was later dug up, chained, and beheaded (so I guess he was bad). In other words, I couldn't do your homework for you even if I wanted to! You'll have to do your own research and draw your own conclusions. I can help you though. Click and read.
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Gaynor Gaynor
SNAFU Research the acronym if you don't know it. Although all on your list were great, that doesn't mean they agreed or could agree now. I see no change between then and now. People are still people and history will probably judge some of our current leaders as great. I doubt I'll agree with history's choices, but that's because history is unlikely to agree with me about the definition of great. HInt, a good leader doesn't start wars or depressions. A great one doesn't leave a war or depression for his successor to deal with either.
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Debs Debs
Mixed. As Lord Protector, he pushed Puritanism, and it was his followers who banned "fun stuff" and not him per se. he wasn t as bad as Charles I in being tyrannical as a poltiical leader. As a general, mixed again. He did well on the battlefield, and he had credit for helping make he New Model Army. He also did bad things in Ireland, so this is negative.
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Brittania Brittania
He was one of the greatest leaders in history! There are plenty of information available about him online so I will refer you there!
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