Weed in the 60s and 70s compared to present day weed ?

Weed in the 60s and 70s compared to present day weed ? Topic: Weed in the 60s and 70s compared to present day weed ?
July 16, 2019 / By Sive
Question: What where the prices like back then compared to know How many people did it Where the cops and people in general less strict about it?
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Phyliss Phyliss | 3 days ago
Name things that can't be compared evenly! OMG! When you figure out now and were try posting in the homework section.
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Phyliss Originally Answered: can u pls find an unbiased link that shows ppl have died from weed and that weed links to cancer? thanks4efort
No. While you would think marijuana would increase the risk of lung cancer, recent studies have not found that link. There have been conclusive studies on the risk of head and neck cancers although suggestions are that there is no link. The area where I would be most concerned is the impairment of judgement and reactions. For example, while driving. Marijuana can also speed the heart rate whch could be dangerous in certain individuals. We know that marijuana does yield an increased risk of accident. Does that mean the person X would have been in an accident if they had not used marijuana? Nope. But, on balance, it suggests that, in some cases, the accident would not have happened. (Just as with alcohol or tobacco -- although alcohol has a much clearer link to fatal auto accidents) Please review the sources below -- they tend to skew towards the pro-legalization side yet fairly lay out some of the risks of use.
Phyliss Originally Answered: can u pls find an unbiased link that shows ppl have died from weed and that weed links to cancer? thanks4efort
You are preeching to the choir. Most people here advocate for the legality of mj, at least medicinally. All deaths related to mj involve dui or some other such thing thta shouldnt be done on any narcotic, or even something as innocent as benedryal. People ask me arent I scared that I will drive wreck. I say no, because I dont drive while using. Then they ask, well how do you know you dont, your high. I say, same way you know you wont drive while drunk. I plan when I use, I either have a dd or dont go anywhere. I actually even try to already have snacks ready so there is no cooking involved. People simply need to use responsiblity. The fda and gov both know it has medicinal properties. The synthetic thc rx has been legal in the US for 20 years. In fact, your tax payer dollars paied approximatly 6000$ for three months at the lowest dosage. Would I have paid that much for something synthetic that has side effects I dont entirely like if the real stuff was available? It is however safer if ingested by sitting under the toung or eaten. Smoke of ANY kind will damage the lungs, and possible cause cancer over time. Another health concern is the bacteria and fungas naturally found in grown mj that you ingest because it is not processed. Cancer and AIDS patients, the front liners for legal medicinal use have compromised immune systems. Avg joe blow can fight most of the time the bacterias and fungus. But someone with a poor immune system cant. I am actually on a fairly hefty dosage of anti fungals in order to use mj to avoid either kind of infection (fungal could possibly be fatal) internally either in my lungs or anywhere in the digestive tract. THC is not chemically addictive. If used resonsibily, it doesnt become psychologically addictive either. I mean really, would you drink 24/7? Only if you are an alcoholic. The only true gateway drug is peer pressure and the need to be cool in front of friends. For this reason it should ABSOLUTLY BE AGE CONTROLLED just like cigs and alcohol. While hopefully and adult has enough self esteem to stand up and say no when they dont want to do something, for many teens that esteem is over ruled by needing to be cool. They dont realize that anyone worth being 'cool' to wont pressure them to do anything they dont want. I may use mj, but as an adult, I am not going to pressure you too. If you arent comfortable with it, I probably wont use around you at all. As an adult, I am not gonna go snort cocaine because I use mj. I dont want to do cocaine, and I if you are going to try to pressure me to do so, you are no longer my friend. Most teens cant say that. Here is the site for marinol www.marinol.com The site for NORML, they advocate the legal medicinal use, as well as controlled recreational use. www.norml.org

Marylou Marylou
Even if you adjust for inflation it was cheaper back then, a dime bag, was well, a dime. But the thing that most people overlook is that the weed you get today is many times stronger than what they had in 60's and 70's. What would barely pass for a buzz today was about as good as it got back then.
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Laney Laney
Back in the day I could buy a POUND of killer weed for what you're paying now for a half ounce of crap. Jesus,the crud that's in weed now would have gotten you run out of the business back then. Back then you didn't want the law around. One joint and it was off to the slammer for a minimum of six months.
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Laney Originally Answered: What is so bad about weed?
Not that much really. Everything the government says is a lie. Marijuana prevents cancer, doesn't lead to harder drugs, and helps some of the most worse medical cases known to man. I know all of this from research and personal experience. Did you know studies show that people who smoke marijuana are less likely to get cancer than someone who does. The gateway theory is impossible to be proven,and even if it was possible to prove it, it would lean more towards the side of it not leading to harder drugs. 1 in 100 marijuana users use cocaine, less than 1 in 100 use heroin. The brain cell theory has been disproved so many times I don't wanna get in to it. Marijuana is also a bronchial dialator, which means it makes it easier for you to breathe. They say that marijuana causes tar build up in lungs worse than tobacco, which may be true but that not what will kill you. Tobacco products contain nicotine which leads to heart problems because it affects your arteries. Also there has NEVER been a reported death from marijuana.

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