What about Starbucks international expansion?

What about Starbucks international expansion? Topic: What about Starbucks international expansion?
June 26, 2019 / By Wilfreda
Question: What do you think the effects of government policy, social diversity, and business ethics will be in relation to starbucks intended expansion?
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Sharlene Sharlene | 7 days ago
As your second responder has correctly noted Starbucks has had a "change of plans" in the last two to three months due to the ailing economy globally.... They have already announced the closing of a number of locations and this list is probably going to grow by the beginning of this new year.... And, as far as "social diversity".... the only thing that comes to my mind... is how would they say Cafe Mocha Latte in Swahili ? chunka chunka chocolate ? ☼ ////
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Owena Owena
Their expansion plan was derailed when this global economic crisis started ! Many stores have already closed in the last 2 months !
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Malvina Malvina
Well, the good things are that starbucks won't go bankrupt because they are going to make business international. Bad thing is that those international starbucks are going to take away american jobs, adding more stress in our economy. why do we have a recession!?!?!? WHYYYYY!?!?! because we are buying more crap in other countries than our own crap. oh the humanity... -_-
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