what are my chances at Cornell University?

what are my chances at Cornell University? Topic: what are my chances at Cornell University?
July 16, 2019 / By Teale
Question: I submitted my application to Cornell a couple of weeks ago, but I just wanted to know what people thought my chances were. My test scores are: ACT - 32. SAT - CR: 640 M: 730 W: 700. SAT II's: these are a doozy, don't make fun :) Math Level 2: 760. Chemistry: 590. American History: 570 (ewwww i knowwww they are bad). 5 on AP Calculus AB exam. 3 on U.S. History. I feel like my essay kicked butt. I plan to major in music so I sent in a sample CD of my material. GPA 3.898 unweighted. Eagle Scout. Vice-President NHS, Varsity Swim Team 4-year letterman (captain for two years), MVP Junior year, Buckeye Boys' State delegate, lots of community service hours, Retreat team leader senior year (I go to a catholic school). I live in the Midwest and am white.
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Ronalda Ronalda | 4 days ago
suggest that you read over actual student reviews of many people who attended there and see what grades, test scores, and extracurriculars they had to get in successfully. You also will get lots of information about the school you will not get in a college guidebook. http://www.studentsreview.com
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Ronalda Originally Answered: Does Cornell University look at the freshman year?
I doubt that'll be a huge issue - since your GPA is at a stellar 4.0 (not like a 3.5 or anything) it shows that maybe you had a tough transition but soon got back into it. Obviously, all colleges CONSIDER freshman year, but Junior Spring and Senior Fall are arguably the most important semesters in your high school career. http://collegesearch.collegeboard.com/search/CollegeDetail.jsp?collegeId=15&profileId=1 Check out their profile on college board (above.) Since they accept 25% of applicants, your chances are REALLY good. You're probably an obvious in unless your application/essay/interview/SATS suck. Good luck!

Molly Molly
Don't mean to be a downer but its kinda average. Cornell is very demanding and from the soudsn of it you probably did community service ONLY because it would look good on your college application, right? Anyways, you're majoring in music but none of your extra-curricular activites illustrate that. I'm applying to college right now, and while I'm not majoring in music I listed that in my extra curriculars. Make them understand that music is truly a passion of yours. Btw, if your AP scores are not a 4 or 5, disregard them because 3's look bad. Overall, I think that the decision will come down to your essay. Because you live in the Midwest and you're white, there is no story. (Not trying to insult you)
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Linnie Linnie
I have alot of similar stats(4 years on the swim team, captain, NHS, similar SATs, good AP's, girls state) and I was accepted Regular Decision. I chose not to go, and went to Tufts instead, but chances are you will get in if your music sample was good. Also, I am a white female from NJ, which apparently means admissions departments hate me (or so I was told), so you should have a good shot.
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Kalla Kalla
If you're going for music, your grades mean absolutely nothing. You will be based strictly on your performance and your potential.
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Kalla Originally Answered: What are my chances to get into Columbia University?
Even though your application looks and sounds great - almost any college would be trilled to have you! However, it is nearly impossible for students with under a 4.0 to be accepted into the Ivy Leagues. The Ivy's are highly competitive, with thousands of applicants each year that all have the same things you have; except for one big difference - a 4.0+ GPA. I would apply to Columbia (good luck!!!) but I would also apply to other schools. Be sure to have a back-up school (a school you really like and know you will be accepted into). It's going to be tough, but never say never!

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