What are some gender role differences at the gym?

What are some gender role differences at the gym? Topic: What are some gender role differences at the gym?
June 26, 2019 / By Xylia
Question: I'm writing an observation essay and I want some info to add to my essay. I want to know some differences between males and females at the gym. How do they behave, act, socialize, and such??
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Shayla Shayla | 2 days ago
- Men lift weights more often than women do. Women tend to worry that lifting weights will make them bulky. Often, women who lift weights will "compromise" by lifting lighter weights than the most they can handle, or using weight machines rather than free weights. - Women tend to attend more group exercise classes. Usually, these are cardio, yoga, or pilates. - When men wear inappropriate attire to the gym, it is usually jeans and non-athletic shoes, and clubbing accessories. - When women wear inappropriate attire, it is usually see-through spandex and makeup. - Women tend to be more picky about form when they lift weights, while men tend to be more competitive and want to use the most weight possible.
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Patience Patience
You get hardcore trainers that train spring, summer, autumn and winter both male and female, you tend to find women doing cardio and aerobics more than men, men tend to lift weights more and do less cardio than women. Every January you get new people thinking they will get fit in 5 minutes, they last for about a week (happens every year). Women in particular often look at men or seek attention by going to the gym (men do it to) but men get a smack for it (EQUALITY BREACH)
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Margery Margery
Guys use free weights more. Women use aerobic machines more. I think these are preferences, not "roles". Both males and females are free to use either. The term gender roles is often used inappropriately in my opinion. One gender doing something more than the other does not make it the role of that gender. ~
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Kitti Kitti
You have the posers that look at themselves in the mirror and show off - both sexes for those and both wearing as little as possible and then you have the ones who hide in the corners and they wear more and the ones who treat it as a sort of business thing - and just come in and go out - mostly men.
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I respect your opinion but I disagree. "For example, the adult film industry is and has always been rampant with drug abuse among adult film stars" As someone else already pointed out "show business" is intertwined with drug use. "It's obvious that many of them are drugged out of their minds by watching their empty faces on film" That's usually the male film stars. Maintaining an erection for hours usually takes the help of crystal meth, Viagra, and other not so healthy substances. The females actually don't require drug use.. and if anything it is less encouraged. because A) a lot of hard drugs dry women up "down there" and B) makes their features not so attractive. So if anything it's a sexist industry, putting harsher demands on the men than the women. "AND in rare cases, adult film stars are victims of human sex trafficking, which is modern day slavery." Hmmm... where did you here this? I'm not a huge fan of porn. But do I think it's the most awful thing since the US bombed Serbia? No. Many of them are highly paid professions and it's all voluntary. If you don't like it you don't have to watch it. There are far bigger travesties in the world than some uneducated woman getting paid vast sums of money to perform a BJ on camera. I'm sure she's happier doing that and retiring at 30 than she would waiting tables at Ihop till she's 60.

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