what are some good ideas for my poster to make it look not so boring?

what are some good ideas for my poster to make it look not so boring? Topic: what are some good ideas for my poster to make it look not so boring?
July 16, 2019 / By Sorrel
Question: what i have to glue on my essay, report and put on alien pictures with blurbs at the bottom (the essay and report is about alien abductions) how do i make it look really unique so it's not like everyone elses? good ideas not 5 year old though...
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Posy Posy | 7 days ago
go to wallgreens or something and get some really nice metalic pens. They look like markers, and they are beautiful. Scribble on the edges of all your peices of paper, to make it look alien-like. And doodle little martians or UFO's on there with the marker. I think silver would work best for your project, though silver and gold together look awesome. make sure none of it is TOO intrusive looking, make sure all of your pics and your report is clearly viewable.
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Posy Originally Answered: Can anyone check over my essay, and give ideas how to make it better?
Firstly, I believe you state your thesis too early. I recommend you put your 3rd sentence to the 6th. You are also over extending your 2-3 to last sentence. Something like "People all over the world have onjects that represent them and best defend who they are (inside). 3rd paragraph, coma after games. 1st too first. 4th paragraph, coma after lastly.2nd sentence, "because if THE homework..." coma after completed. You also need to extend that paragraph with extra details. DON'T PASTE THE EXACT THESIS. Rephrase it, like : "Everybody around the globe have something that express them and help them find themselves. I know that my laptop best represent me because I am often attach to it. I have always play games on it, download music, and even do my homework on the laptop! What would represent you? If people saw it, what those people think of you? I have just share an item that express me and my identity. ***These are recommended sentences. Even if you take them word for word, your essay would still be very choppy. The thing about this is that you put a lot of effort into your second sentence with vocabularies and details but not enough for the rest... Your conclusion should always have In conclusion or something similar and REPHRASED thesis, not word for word. (Apparently, it's too boring if it's exactly the same only backword...)

Maurene Maurene
How about you make it look more 3d by cutting little aliens out of card and making them raised on your poster by attaching with that chunky tape- you could also change the font of your blurb and apply the same process- for words that are spooky or about aliens (thus highlighting your theme).
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Latoya Latoya
Do it on a dark blue poster board - draw or paint aliens - or better yet - glue cut out pictures of space crafts - saucers, aliens etc. and decoupage the whole thing - decoupage the cut out pictures on - then cover the whole poster board - don't forget stars, and planets. The decoupage will make it shiny. Start looking for comic books, cartoons, and draw your own = cut out and apply
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Jessye Jessye
You could make it look like a classified government document from the FBI. Typewriter font, case numbers, little blurbs on the sides that have black bars through certain words to make it look secret...things like that.
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Fran Fran
make up your own character instead of a picture ideas: one eye, three ears,six arms, green skin and one antena
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Fran Originally Answered: HeY! wHAT'S UP ? isn't this day just sOO boring ?
I am never bored, but when I need something to do I play a computer game (scrabble, mah jong or bridge for me), read a book or magazine, do crossword puzzles or sudoku, listen to music, watch a movie, write in a journal, play a board game, or answer questions here on yahoo answers. Other options, depending on my mood might be to cook something, clean the house, go for a walk, work out, call a friend, send emails, visit someone, or even go shopping. Writing in a journal is an interesting thing to do, especially when you go back weeks or months or even years later and read what you wrote. Buy yourself an interesting blank journal that represents who you are, and start writing your daily thoughts, ideas, and important events. You'll be surprised at how quickly you will look forward to the time you spend with it each day. And it could become a powerful record for posterity. Look for a new hobby. Find something that is of particular interest to you. Possibly you might like to begin researching and compiling your family tree. I am sure many members of your family would encourage you with a project such as that. A couple of other things that come to mind that I have found interesting in the past, and they now occupy my grandchildren are learning to do origami (read the story about Sadako and the 1000 paper cranes, and maybe start a paper crane project of your own), and another is learning to tie different knots (most book stores will have a book on the different knots, and it is quite interesting, and also a very useful skill to have). Take a class - learn the finer points of digital photography, painting, writing short stories, small appliance repair, playing bridge, dog grooming, pottery, home maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, quilting, scrapbooking, or anything else that is offered in your area. Often you can find classes that are free, or almost free. Finally, and probably most importantly, if you find yourself bored often, consider volunteering. It will give you a new focus in your life, and it is a good feeling to help someone less fortunate or more in need than yourself. It can be a life changing experience. Boredom is a choice you make, not a state of existence. If you are bored, it is because you are allowing yourself to be bored. Look around you. Most likely you have books, and a wide variety of other possessions. Look at the things around you and think of ways to use them. If there are people around you, think of ways to help those people. Think of others and how to help them, not yourself, and you will never be bored.

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