What are some good topics for biology?

What are some good topics for biology? Topic: What are some good topics for biology?
June 26, 2019 / By Sunny
Question: I need to write 5 different 2 page essays for my biology teacher and i need to come up with topics to do them on. Any ideas?
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Raelene Raelene | 10 days ago
Ideas that come from your personal experiences may be the most fun for you, but here are a few suggestions nonetheless: Stem cells: applications to treating quadriplegics Why did all the honey bees die (recent event) Why do large fish contain more mercury? What is the science of the techniques in CSI (RFLP is a classic, or blood detection by light) What is sweat? What is salty sweat - Cystic Fibrosis? Why do leaves turn brown? Best of luck - I hope you have fun!
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Raelene Originally Answered: what are some good topics I could write about on snakes?
I've done two college projects relating to snakes this college year! One was for english language and I wrote a 2,500 word essay on the language of snakes and how they are almost always the 'baddies' in film, literature and popular culture. And how i think the modern fear of snakes has been influenced by the aforementioned. I found it very interesting. Im also getting on well writing a 4,000+ essay on the Python ban (as mentioned in a previous answer) - Im writing about how the problem occurred - the release of pet snakes as the burmese pythons grew too big for the owners. - How the released pets are breeding and rapidly multiplying and causing unrest to the community - How they are seriously damaging the ecosystem but preying on several endangered native species and have over taken the american alligator at the top of the food chain. - Im also writing how this problem can be more suitably delt with rather than just going out and hunting the pythons If your sciency you could do a speech on snake genetics? but thats a rather broad and very difficult topic to grasp - it would take a lot of research

Melle Melle
It will depend on the knowledge you have about biology, if you are taking a biology course for the first time I recommend you to check in something basic, for example, photosynthesis in plants, or physiology of the neurotransmitters , evolution , genetic drift . If you already know a lot about biology, I would recommend you , which mechanism does activate the gene that works in the green fluorescence of bacteria, or how concanavalin A actions in the thymus
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Leena Leena
You could always do something about genetic, the classifications of living things, periodic table of elements (or just elements in general), 4 states of matter, etc
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Joleen Joleen
well you could do things like osmosis or evolution or do you mean topics as in the MMR vaccine or MRSA? :)
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Joleen Originally Answered: Good Psychology Research Topics?
Psychology and the movies has several research topics to discuss: >Stigmatization of mental illness/psychological disorders in the movies and the impact on social perceptions. >Movies and stereotypes the film industry. >How do movies shape perceptions of psychological professionals. [You could focus on the portrayal of a specific disorder in different films and analyze what misconceptions are created about the disorder in each film... For example, you could look at how people suffering from schizophrenia are often portrayed as violent, unpredictable, and dangerous in films] You could do a cultural immersion project and document your experience as an outsider. You could also make a survey asking participants from the general public to state where most of their knowledge of psychological disorders comes from, and possibly research the accuracy of this information from the most common source.

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