What are some ways that teens today are different than teens that lived during the Civil War?

What are some ways that teens today are different than teens that lived during the Civil War? Topic: What are some ways that teens today are different than teens that lived during the Civil War?
June 27, 2019 / By Anise
Question: I know that we have it A LOT easier, but I have to write an essay on this and have no clue where to begin.
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Wilmot Wilmot | 9 days ago
They are far less likely to die of illness than during the Civil War period. They have fewer siblings today. Teens of the Civil War era most likely grew up in a family member that saw at least one member of the immediate family die of illness, usually an older or younger sibling, so teens of that era were much more familiar with the immediacy of death than most Western teens of today. Teens of the Civil War era mostly lived in extended families instead of the nuclear family or the single-parent home of today. Single parent homes of that era would have come about almost always due to the death of one of the parents and for no other reason. Poor teens of that era growing up in cities would have had to do work as there were no child labor laws and conditions were horrific for even little kids. Orphaned teens in the city would have to sleep on the streets (some time after the War, circa 1900, it was estimated that 10,000 children slept on the streets of NYC on any given night) as there was only the tiniest social welfare safety net at the time. Other poor and orphaned city teens would find themselves involved in prostitution or ethnic gangs. But poor city teens and city teens were a minority of the total teen population. They are not likely to live on a farm today. Most teens of the Civil War era grew up on farms and lived a rural existence working on their family's farm. They are more likely to finish high school and get a college education today. They are more likely to live in a state different from the one they were born in today (they are more mobile). They face a future that sees them as more economically mobile and they have more choices when it comes to careers, especially for women, but for men as well. Today's teens face a "generation gap" that separates them from their parents, while teens of the Civil War era had no such gap. Teens of that era would have liked the same music, same clothing/hair styles, same pastimes, and held largely the same values (including the same prejudices) as their parents and teens generally didn't have a big problem with it, so there was far less teen angst. Teens of that time would have been far less "cliqueish" than teens of today.
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Sennacherib Sennacherib
Teens had no Choice in any matter. Life was very hard back then. Death was after everyone slave or free. Sickness was all over the place. slave children were being sold and ripped apart from their families. Men, women, & children were chained, beaten, and killed for the sport. The life span for a person was so very short. Some men were married many times because their wives kept dying.Food and clothing was scarce because of the war. A lot of good people died on both sides....
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Neo Neo
Teens today are very lazy. They want everything handed to them and expect a lot from their parents, like a car when they turn 16 or that new iPOD touch or a cell phone. They have almost no work ethic and don't care when it comes to a lot of things except what kind of clothes they wear or purse they are carrying or who's going out with who. Teens during the civil war were living through a war on their own soil, not one that was taking place 7,000 miles away. There may have been times where they went without food for days, depending where they lived. The little existence they did know was sacrificed for the cause and many went without new clothes. Boys were expected to sign up for both armies if they could prove they could hold and shoot a gun, especially as the war dragged on. Could you imagine your 14 or 15-year old brother going off to war? Many families lost their father, the source of income in the house and many teen boys were forced to go to work to support their families, as they were the "man" of the house now. Girls were expected to help out with everything from sewing and repairing clothes to cooking meals to even working the fields after the slaves were freed or left to save their lives. But then, that is one similarity is that southern teens grew up with house servants waiting on them hand and foot and didn't have to do anything themselves, so they were kind-of like teens today.
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Kim Kim
The average teenager today can look forward to a lifespan of 75 years. Back in the mid-1800s the average life span was around 35 years. So during the Civil War the average 18-year-old had already lived half of his life.
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Hughie Hughie
teens today are alot more open minded and exposed to the world much earlier, u know, sex, drugs, relationships.... in some ways, we're alot more mature. we start considering tertiary study long before we get into uni, and we know alot more about the world. a wider selection of subjects are taught in schools, and both guys and girls can go to school. we are more aware of global issues and crisis eg: iraq war, recessions etc, and are expected to be more mature earlier eg; getting jobs at 16, learning to drive by 18 and all that. but in other ways, teens back then were more mature than we are today. girls were expected to be married and with children by 14, and only guys went to school because they were expected to be able take over the family business and support their new family before they even turned 18! no getting drunk at a party and getting laid by a stranger!! hard topic to write an essay on, good luck :)
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Erle Erle
the lads have been the drummer boys back then throughout the conflict. on the front lines and each thing. which will possibly in no way take place now. Plus the youngsters had to exploit the cows, plow the fields, and bypass to an outhouse to c rap.
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