What are some ways to make work a spiritual experience?

What are some ways to make work a spiritual experience? Topic: What are some ways to make work a spiritual experience?
June 26, 2019 / By Skylar
Question: Typing, filing, answering the phone, waiting on customers. How can we find spirituality in such things, since we spend most of our days working?
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Pippa Pippa | 7 days ago
I believe it is in doing all things as unto the Lord. It is understanding that I work for Him, not for a human boss. That makes the stresses and conflicts of daily interactions easier to deal with. If I have a boss that doesn't recognize the work I do, I know that if I am doing my best, God is pleased with my work - and ultimately, I answer to Him. It is in the example I set. If I am an honest employee who works diligently and peacefully with others: I do not gossip, pilfer, waste time on the clock - if I am courteous to my co-workers and customers, seek to mediate in situations where there is difficulty, set a good example, and am dependable, I live a testimony to God in the workplace. We have a song we sing about being the only Bible the careless world will read. It's the idea that what we live before others is what they will ultimately believe that our faith is about. If we set a bad example to them about what Christianity is, then we may turn them away from God. That being the case, there is not a part of our lives that is not spiritual. It is in the way I deal with not getting a raise, or learning that I need surgery, or handle an irate customer that other people perceive God Who works in my life. There is no unimportant work. I don't go through my day talking about God to my co-workers. I'll answer any questions they ask, or talk about Him if someone else brings something up where speaking of Him would naturally follow. I don't set out religious "paraphernalia" around me. I don't wear a cross. It's not that I think any of those things, in and of themselves are wrong, but that's not Christianity. Christianity is stewardship. It is Christ living in me. People should be able to see Him in my life, not because I keep pointing, but because my actions are driven by what would please Him. I have prayed (silently) for co-workers, or customers, or even people I see in the street or in restaurants. I often use my lunch time to read and to pray. Sometimes people think of spirituality as some feeling or mood. I think it's more the inner clockwork. It's the mechanism that drives us. Our motivation. Our guidance. What part of our lives is not under its wing? Some people think that living a good example means that when your co-workers cuss, you preach them a sermon on why they shouldn't. I think it means simply not using their language, but respectfully communicating with them to the extent that I can. No snubbing. No judgement. I hold to what I believe. It's not the same sort of spiritual experience as meditating and prayer, but it is a meaningful spiritual experience in that it is my belief being practically lived out. And isn't that the purpose of faith? Way back when I was a voice major, I sang recitals. In order to do that, I had to learn the music. That means the notes, the rhythm, the style, the meaning, the phrasing, and the vocal interpretation. You can spend forever doing that. I guess you could always be in the process of perfecting an aria. But the point of learning it, and learning the techniques used to sing it, are all for one purpose - making it accessible to an audience. There is a sort of poetry in taking written music and breathing life into it so that it can be heard. There were many voice majors who hated singing recitals. I never could understand that. That was the whole purpose of learning the music. It was meant to be sung. Learning it was a means to that end. It enabled me to perform. I never stood up and lectured the audience as to why I decided on the interpretation I chose. Or the theory behind the music I sang. My job was to sing. To give my best representation of what the composer wrote. Christianity is like that. Study is very important. Prayer, reflection, worship are all necessary. But they are all for the purpose of being lived out in a practical way: to give my best representation of Jesus.
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Mathilda Mathilda
Doing your best at everything you do is spiritual. Also, practice mindfulness. Be mindful of your senses, emotions, etc. when typing, filing or whatever. Also, I like to use a website with a daily quote before starting work to give me something to think about. Here are a couple examples below. I understand you are not Buddhist, but these are good quotes for anyone.
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Lari Lari
I've heard of humans claiming they have got had out of frame reviews in the course of intercourse. Tantric intercourse is the usage of intercourse for non secular or occult functions. Some suppose that God gave guy and lady intercourse for the sake of marital team spirit, which they keep in mind to be sacred and specified. And others keep in mind it essentially the most intimate act among 2 people. I are not able to relatively talk to the validity of any of those, however the ones are a couple of approaches wherein humans see intercourse as a religious, inventive, or sacred act. If you desire to get extra truly approximately it, orgasm is a glad revel in surrounded through hormonal alterations, heightened feelings, and endorphins. It's been metaphorically associated to religious bliss as good. Just seem at any art work approximately the "ecstasy of St. Theresa" and you'll be able to see what i imply.
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Jerusha Jerusha
* On my bad days, I smile. Often I get a smile in return. That is an automatic pick-me-upper. * I go out of my way to help when asked. Many wonderful religious /spiritual teachers teach to help others when they need it. :-) It makes me FEEL good to be needed and to be asked. * For me, I would rather be doing something productive than to be sitting on my butt all day, and possibly feeling bad. I went 6 months in between jobs once, and it was pure SHEOL. I had to find projects for me to start and to finish just to keep my sanity in between active job-hunting. There is a saying I like: Idle hands are the devil's handiwork. If I am bored, I might start feeling bad, or thinking negative thoughts.
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Florence Florence
In all actions be careful to go toward God. All that leads you toward him is good, other is 'evil'. In the other way: All it comes from mind is evil, all it comes from spirit is good. You should first define spirituality for yourself. Spirituality in day to day action: Be in present (not in past or future). Accept his will (bad and good). Do your best for the sake of God. Forget and forgive (what have been done to you). Be alert of your toughs in all circumstances. Be with HIM in all your thoughts, actions, .... Take care for others but let them have their space. Allow people that you love to make mistakes and learn on their own way. Etc...., etc.....
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Dalinda Dalinda
Very good question. I think while we do all these things, if we beleive we are not hurting anyone, that's the real spiritual experience.
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