what are some ways to make wishes?

what are some ways to make wishes? Topic: what are some ways to make wishes?
July 16, 2019 / By Abishalom
Question: i'm writing a creative story and need some ways to make my character make a wish. i know there are leprechauns, shooting stars, and dandelion puffs, but what else? thanks
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Skuyler Skuyler | 3 days ago
shooting stars 11:11 o'clock dandelions holding your breath through a tunnel eyelashes leprechauns genies birthday candles http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AqNDue8Zz.dmtMTntMwlCR3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090820180237AAIHTM4
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Phyllida Phyllida
For me, i have deep desire for a motivation book by Napoleon Hill in 2004 and somehow I wasn't able to pay for a copy in local bookstore. i kept looking at the book for a long time and 2 months later while i was in the thrift shop of my church looking for some spiritual book, i dig a book from the lowest shelf and to my amazement. Napoleon Hill's book, is right there ! i paid just 30 cents instead of $30 for it. God knows my inner thought though i have almost forgotten about my desire although back then i didn't pray for it. On another instance i notice a church icon which i really desire a lot and in few days time, a sister in Christ gave me a small prayer card (palm size) on that picture. i was very surprised but i wish it is larger. Sometime later (i can't recall when), my godpa gave me that picture but put it in a nice frame and its much larger than a 15 inch laptop. I was so amazed and thankful for it as i unwrap it. this instance i did pray for this desire. i realize God is generous.
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Marylu Marylu
LIke the other said eye lashes and wishing wells. my friends and I always talk about when 1 star is in the sky. Not just shooting stars, only one [that you can see]. :)
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Lara Lara
birthday cake of course, if an eyelash falls out you are supposed to blow it off your finger and make a wish, jeanie in a bottle also gives you 3 wishes. a wishbone from a turkey.
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Jerri Jerri
I really don't plan on dying. I plan on being immortal and never aging. But if I had to go, it would be with in a threesome with two hot women. I would have an orgasm so great, it would cause a blood vessel in my brain to burst.
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