What are the essentials to buy for a college dorm?

What are the essentials to buy for a college dorm? Topic: What are the essentials to buy for a college dorm?
June 24, 2019 / By Aeron
Question: The upcoming fall is my freshman year at college! So I'm staying on campus and going to go dorm-shopping this summer or so. What things should i buy?
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Thane Thane | 6 days ago
Essentials for Daily Living: Pillows, Pillow Cases, Bed Sheets (Twin or Twin Extra Long if your dorm has extra long beds), Mattress Pad, Clothes Hamper, Clothes Basket, Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Clothes Hangers, Your Clothes, Table/Desk Top Ironing Board, Iron, Over the Door Full Length Mirror, Over the Door Shoe Rack, Shower Tote/Caddy, Shower Shoes (an absolute must have), Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap, Razor, Shaving Gel, Body Lotion, Wash Cloths, Hand Towels, Body Towels, Bath Robe (an absolute must have), Toothbrush, Toothbrush Holder, Mouth Wash, Blow Dryer, Hair Spray (if you use it), Hair Accessories (if you use them), Perfume (if you use it), Make-up (if you use it), Back Support Pillow (for sitting up and reading or viewing television in bed), Garbage Can, Garbage Bags, Alarm Clock, Desk Lamp, First Aid Kit that Includes: Band-Aids, Ace Bandage, Small Packets of Tylenol, Benadryl, and Icy Hot, Small Bottle of Nyquil, Cough Drops, Ice Pack. Ideals for Daily Living: Mini-Fridge and Microwave (Can be purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond), Floor Lamp, Television, Stereo/Radio with CD Player, DVD Player, DVDs, CDs, Ipod or MP3 Player, Small Vacuum or Dust Buster, Coffee Pot, Bottled Water and other Beverages, Easy to Microwave Foods, Plastic Washable/Reusable Plates, Bowls, Cups, Forks, Knives and Spoons. Essentials for Academics: Pencils, Pens, Highlighters, White-Out Pen, Mini Stapler and Staples, Pencil Cap Erasers, Paper Clips, Index Cards (work well for flashcards and test study questions and answers), Post-It Notes, Folders with Pockets and Prongs, 3 Ring Binder (at least one), Loose Leaf Paper (for the binder), Notebooks, Graphing Calculator, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Textbooks (You'd be surprised at how many students fail to buy the books and then wonder why they fail the course!), Daily Planner/Assignment Book, Large Desk Calendar, Dry Erase Board and Dry Erase Pens. Ideals for Academics: Laptop Computer, USB Cord (for connecting to the internet on campus), Printer/Scanner/Copier In One Unit, Printer Paper, Extra Printer Ink. Stuff to Make the Room Pretty: Tape (for hanging posters), Posters, Cork Board and Thumb Tacks (for hanging up pictures), Pictures of Family and Friends, Framed Pictures for the Desk Keep in Possession at All Times: Driver's License or State Issued ID Card, Student ID Card, Debit Card, and Minimal (no more than 20 dollars) Cash. Have on Move In Day: Two forms for Proof of Identification- License or State Card, and Social Security Card. Look at Purchasing: Renter's Insurance (Most students and parents don't think the student qualifies, but you do, because you signed a contract, which is similar to a lease and you'll be paying/renting the room for about 9 months. Get this to protect you and your belongings from fire, storms, and/or theft.) If Your College Allows It: Loft Your Bed! (This gives you a lot of extra space to store things, like clothing that didn't fit in the dresser drawers or closet.) Contact your roommate to see who is bringing what when it comes to ideals for the dorm. You don't want 2 fridges and 2 microwaves and stuff like that because it will take up too much room.
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Preston Preston
The beds usually are extra-long twin size, but verify this with the college. So bring sheets of that size (though you should be fine with stuff like a quilt or comforter). A plastic shower caddy to take your toiletries from the room to the bathroom (these don't ever cost more than like $5) A desk lamp (one who's base takes up minimal desk space) A laptop and a lock (so your laptop doesn't walk away). Your college probably will have some sort of recommendations for a laptop. A printer as well if you want one. clothes. Plan for various weather, so bring sweaters/sweatshirts/raincoats/t-shirts/... and other things you'll wear (including a couple of dressier things) and....a winter coat. If there's something where you might wear it, but you don't ever need it normally, don't bring it. If you want to bring a mini-fridge or a rug, talk to your roommate so that you guys don't end up bring 2 of the same thing (ie. 2 rugs). Most dorms won't allow other kitchen appliances as they're considered a fire hazard. You usually can take a coffee maker if you want, but they'll probably make you store/use it in the kitchen
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Malachai Malachai
Here's a college dorm room checklist of essential items that you will want to bring: * Alarm clock * Bed linens/towels * Carpet/throw rug * Chair/bean bag * Clothes drying rack * Compact refrigerator * Computer * Cup/mug/glass/plate/bowl/silverware * Dish soap * Fan * Fish * Handi-Tak to hang posters * Hangers * Iron * Laundry bag * Laundry detergent * Medicine * Microwave (one cubic foot) * Plants (real or fake) * Radio/stereo * Rolls of quarters for laundry * School supplies * Sewing kit * Shower caddy * Telephone * Toiletry items/soap dish * TV/VCR/DVD player
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