What are the positive effects of the media on body image?

What are the positive effects of the media on body image? Topic: What are the positive effects of the media on body image?
June 27, 2019 / By April
Question: I am doing a paper and I have compiled a list of negatives however I am really struggling with finding positives as I have to do the alternative view aswell.
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Zackery Zackery | 2 days ago
There aren't any, there's practically no media, even medically based left(I couldn't find it, to research this question). That is talking about the fundamentals(you do right, so you are healthy, and will look your best), the ideas that go beyond fashion, or judgment. It's all 'target oriented' because the masses love that, a 'gold star', or 'finish-line' for getting it right, measurable homogeneous, group-results for everybody. Because the time to stand-out is also over, kids don't want to be different, or better, they want to be exactly like the rest. And it simply doesn't work like that, Body-Image should be about feeling good, knowing you're taking good care of yourself, being proud of you being a healthy human specimen. Even the medical profession has reduced itself to making body-image a tool, either to scare people into shape(which has the bad effect, that it's promoting eating disorders, and an unhealthy idea of how much body-fat, is a lot of body-fat, most girls think they need to look like 8 year olds for life, that's not possible, because you can't have kids, and be a healthy grown up, with that little body-fat). Or as a 'prize' something to strive for, not taking into account, that a different build, can mean some people will never look like that.
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Zackery Originally Answered: Body image art project?
a brainstorming strategy that i use is to tape a big piece of paper or posterboard to your wall and write down any thoughts, words, or phrases that are in your head about this topic then stand back and turn those ideas into sketches.. just keep drawing, if you get stuck, look at the words.. then take the sketches you like best and try to connect them or combine them into one design. a couple ideas that i have are -a person looking in the mirror and seeing someone different -showing other cultures doing things like the neck coils or disking their lips, then show americans getting plastic surgery or braces in comparison -girls seeing the medias idea of beauty at an early age and them playing dress up to try to look like that -circus clowns putting on makeup next to pageant queens putting on makeup thats all i can really think of, i hope i helped
Zackery Originally Answered: Body image art project?
u could do something like an image of a lady with all of her parts of brain illuminated just an average pretty girl who doesn't push fake looks and every part is drawn in as showing she is entiraly consumed by thoughts of beauty ads, the worries of health issue from plastic surgeries, and faces, but to make it attractive for an art project you drawn all the thoughts in her head on the brain and she is like at a family gathering or reading a book about caterpillars so she should be relaxed and focused on family and friends/or simply charmed but she isn't. it's kind of a mysterious issue, very good choice ! have fun with it = ]

Shimi Shimi
It doesn't and it never has. And this comes from a girl who did ballet for about 10 years. I have never once felt under pressure to change my body image due to outside sources - yes I would like to be a bit more toned now, but that is down to me not down to looking in a magazine and thinking 'OMG I must be a size 0' I spent the majority of my adult life being a size 6 (UK), I ate like a horse I was just lucky to have a fast metabolism plus I smoked. I put on weight after I stopped smoking. The only thing that annoyed me about my weight was the fact that people thought they were entitled to come up to me in the street and tell me I should eat more. To which I once cracked and said 'I could do, now what are we going to do about your ugliness' - I hope they learned a valuable lesson there lol. I do read fashion magazines, I like to see the latest trends in make up and especially perfume, but I dont tend to compare myself to the models, for a start they are all about 12 feet tall and I am only a little 5'2! The media doesnt cause eating disorders, you have to already have that feeling in your mind for it to be triggered
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Ocean Ocean
In some cases the media will use the airbrush to make a woman look prettier and better looking or in some case look worse.
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Ocean Originally Answered: Servay : Teen Girls Between 14-17 body image (homework project)?
1) Yes i do 2) Id make my thighs smaller... 3)Yes 4) I just smile and be myself :D 5) Yes i do sometimes but not so much that id starve myself 6) I do because i dont want people to think im fat 7) definitely 8) Yes

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