What are your views on abortion?

What are your views on abortion? Topic: What are your views on abortion?
July 16, 2019 / By Trista
Question: Okay so this is NOT intended to hurt anyone's feelings or anything. If you get offended or are touchy on this subject, then please feel free to leave. Okay, so i have to write up an essay on peoples views about Abortion in citizenship. Personally, i think it's far too easy to get an abortion. And just, morally wrong. For instance, the heart beat starts as early as 2 weeks, you can abort a baby up to 24 weeks after conceiving. When your heart stops beating, you're dead. So surely when your heart STARTS you're alive? Which is 'murdering' a baby. I think if you're stupid enough to have unprotected sex, then you should deal with the consequences. Though, saying that. I do believe that in some cases it is right. I,e rape OR other diseases. Like cervical cancer which you can only cure whilst a baby is inside a woman's womb by aborting it. Though through simple carelessness, i think that is far too simple. Especially at 24 weeks, babies start to kick before that. The thought is horrible!!! I just wanted to know what you thought about this. It's fine to disagree, i need for and against in my essay. edit. no it doesn't cure it, but the baby is in the way so they cannot cure it at an early stage so it spreads. I don't know the proper facts, but yeah it's something along those lines.
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Samanta Samanta | 6 days ago
I agree with you .. Although with rape its not the babies fault its there but I can imagine how emotianally upsetting that may be for the mother .. If theres an urgent medical reason ie. the mother dying or baby being severely deformed (I mean severely not Downs Syndrome or anything like that) Then its ok .. But for girls who just opened their legs and are using it as a form of birth control I think its discusting and should be illegal .. They should deal with their consequences surely they know if they are ols enough to have sex that they could fall pregnant.. It doesnt take a genius. EDIT: Quinn: i dont think cervical cancer is treated by aborting the baby i think its treated after the baby is aborted otherwise the baby will die or be severely deforemed form chemo or something like that im not 100% sure though .. U say you would like to have the right to choose what happens to your body? remember that baby was made by 2 people and it has its own beating heart .. Im sure it would want to survive. And I think fathers should be able to have more of an input .. Its not fair its not just the womens child ..
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Nirvana Nirvana
Abortion is a choice. I personally do NOT agree with it. It is murder. At 8 weeks in the womb the baby has fingers. They are still slightly webbed but still, they are fingers. At 9-11 weeks in the womb the baby can suck its thumb, squint to get away from light, do somersaults, and all of the organs needed are beginning to develop. From the moment of conception that baby is just that, A BABY. People so carelessly have unprotected sex with no worries because if they do get pregnant, they'll just abort the baby. I agree with abortion if the woman has been raped or there is a disease that will harm the mother or baby. They will do abortions up to 24 weeks. Did you know that a baby can survive outside of the womb at 24 weeks?? Just think. People that wait that long are killing someone that would have a good chance of survival if delivered. Don't you agree that that should be considered murder? Every living being deserves a chance at life. Babies are our future, and if we continue to abort them we will have no future at all. If you need pictures or anything along those lines type abortion into Google.com. You will get some pretty disturbing images, but they sure do get the point across.
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Lynnette Lynnette
I agree with you pretty much. I only consider it justifiable in extreme cases. For instance a medical situation where the baby has serious problems and zero chance of making it to full term, or if the mother's life is in danger if the pregnancy continues. Also rape victims should have the option of an early abortion if they so choose. But as a method of birth control NO!!! Neither should it be legal past about 23 weeks, when a baby can theoretically be born breathing and can survive with NICU care. It is not a "choice" for anything other than exceptional reasons. Its not a way to "get rid of" an inconvenient but perfectly healthy pregnancy. It should never be allowed as such.
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Keelin Keelin
Although I would never choose it for myself, I am glad that I have the right to decide what happens to my body. Every women should have the right to choose. Good Luck on your paper, ps. it is really true that cervical cancer can be cured by aborting a baby? I'm not certain that that statement is true. If you're going to use that piece in your paper, I'd do more research on that one.
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Ilene Ilene
I think abortion is absolutely fine! There is too much worthless human life!!! Who cares about that stupid baby it doesn't even have feelings or anything so it won't feel anything! Women can do whatever they want!! Do you really want to go through the horrible pain and bleeding and bring a complaining emo into the world? Just look at the world.. so much vermin needed to erase...
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