WHAT CAN I DO! 10 points!?

WHAT CAN I DO! 10 points!? Topic: WHAT CAN I DO! 10 points!?
June 18, 2019 / By Alysia
Question: I am very creative, promptly right brain. I for me imagination rules, I’m creative, I’m fantasy based and frankly sick of it… :\ I’m always off task, can’t focus, and I doodle all the F***ING time. I can’t stop! But I want to work on my left-brain make it stronger… I want to be more left brained because Left brains are seen as "smarter" and tend to be analytical, logical, and sequential. They do things in the "proper" order and feel there is a proper order. They tend to do well in reading, writing, speech, and math. What can I do to help increase the use of my left brain. Reason for this: I’m watching my test scores go down, and I can’t focus on my homework with out running around the room… and for those who as I’m not ADD or AD-HD yes I’ve been tested.
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Victor Victor | 9 days ago
Read literature, do crossword puzzles, or simply watch educational movies learning isn't fun for everyone but thats how I have become more eloquent and not to be conceited or anything but smart lol. I'm told frequently that I am and I don't think its a natural thing I possess I've just always enjoyed learning history and reading and thats what helps and believe me I doodle all the time when I'm suppose to be taking notes the fact that you are creative already shows that your unique and that for a lot of people is a sign of intelligence.
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un devoir un exercice un barbecue une maison à la plage une mosquée une école un tuteur / une tutrice (fem) le février un club l'avril étudier pour une épreuve / un test voyager un jour de naissance = un anniversaire un camp la pêche étudier pour la prochaine année scolaire la chasse faire du sport

Rowland Rowland
Your brain is NOT a muscle you "work" on... It is your MIND who dictates what you will become; not what your BRAIN thinks is what you will become. When we talk about an engine, it ll started with an idea, then a diagram, then manufacturing. All in THAT order. Man is made the same way: what you put into our MIND is what the brain will end up doing. Star by annalizing WHAT you feed your MIND with (games, distractions, beliefs, practices, etc) Cut off those that are not productive, possitive. Remember, poison also enters through the mind. I would suggest to look into your eating habits also: today's manufacturing groups pack so much sugar content in whatever we consume (just because it "taste good" and sells) that is causing numerous problems, diabettes being just one of them.
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Mordecai Mordecai
Instead of making yourself concentrate, rest a little. In between the times you are studying or doing homework, maybe put on some music. Songs like "Spell" by "Marie Digby" will help you. They are really relaxing. Make sure you get enough sleep. Try to control youself from being too hyper. Maybe to make the time pass, eat a snack (healthy snack though, it can't be too sugary). Take deep breaths, and if you still want to run around the room, go ahead. After you do, count to ten with your eyes closed. If you are still hyper, count to ten again with your eyes closed. Try to focus on your counting. Take deep breaths!
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Keaton Keaton
When you lose focus or start to drift off or just feel a need to doodle, just say in your head, Why? Why doodle? I don't need to doodle.. Why drift off? There's no point to it... Why lose focus? I'm not going to get anything done if I lose focus... I'm just like you and when I stop to think about things, it does help a lot and makes you realise how stupid the little things you do can be...
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Heber Heber
Woahhh!! Dx I'm the girl whom you answered her question. (>_<) Ok, now then!! Have you been tested recently? When I was younger I didn't have it but yet now I have it. (And, I act similar) But! I've found something that helps both me and my friends with this Hyper Active problem-You have to find something that calms you. For me: Music and Rain. For my friend: Television. For my other friend: Talking on the phone or Watching a favorite video online. For you, it maybe doodling. Try that, I've help my friends and I'd help you but you know the problem. >.< Anyways, think about your most favorite things to do, then try them. And then just homework away!
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Eliot Eliot
you know what? i remember feeling exactly the same as you - i'm quite imaginative always doodle and can't listen in class - i always need a distraction. my advice to you would be combine your work and your creative side. how? listen to music WHILST you work. at school all you can do is slowly get yourself into the habbit of no distractions. stop doodling by maybe sitting closer to the teacher or by focusing your energy into your work for the period of that lesson...
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Chauncey Chauncey
try doing some puzzles on the internet if you can find any, and don't have bits of paper and pencils near you, make sure no other programmes are open that could distract you, with your homework just make sure your somewhere quiet near no distractions and just try to block out everything else apart from your work!
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Alvred Alvred
have you ever heard of brain gym? its an exercises to get both sides of the brain working that link has a copy of it on and what you do is you have to say the letters of the alphabet and for example if its a letter P and under the P it says L you raise your left arm if it says R you raise your right arm if it says B you raise both arms hope this helps :)
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Well I cant even answer this because everyone else copy and pasted all the words from another web page!!!

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