What could be a good topic for my senior project research paper?

What could be a good topic for my senior project research paper? Topic: What could be a good topic for my senior project research paper?
June 18, 2019 / By Abbigale
Question: Originally I was trying to do one on the History of Music but my teacher told me it was too broad. What could be a good research paper, relating to music, that isn't too broad?? PS: Since my actual project deals with learning how to play guitar, my research paper has to be about music or something related to it.
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Standish Standish | 3 days ago
instead of doing "History of Music" pick you favorite "period" of musical history and foucus on one musical composer from that time. Make sure youy put in there how that period might have affected todays music or if it had any affect at all. Since I guess you learned or learning to play giutar here's an idea "The Romeros" are a family from Spain . The grandfather, father and sons all play classical guitar and they travel all over the world.Hope this helps.
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Standish Originally Answered: What is a good topic for a research paper?
Here's one: The decline in respect and manners in society. (and no, I'm not perfect but I do try to be polite to others out in public) or try this: Has quality customer service gone by the wayside? Are those in a customer service position less personable and polite than they used to be?

Ottis Ottis
Ok go back and think of the first kind of the blues from a long time ago. The most wonderful blues there is. Look up Blind Lemon from Wortham, Texas. He was one awesome blues player. Then go to u tube and type in Bob Brozeman you will hear him play some of the same music, no amps. just a guitar. A national a beautiful steal guitar that puts out a sound that you do not need an amp for. Do your report on the History of the ragtime blues and trust me if you get into it and read about it you will love it and find a passion of music forever. Cab Galloway plays, it Betsy Smith, Ella Fritztella, and others like them. One was Blind Blake but he died in the 20's. Blind Lemon died in the 30's he was robbed in Chicago after he got paid at Christmas time.
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Lev Lev
I am not sure I could ever come up with enough to say about a rope halter to fill a 5 page report. However, you could do some research on what it would be like to own the business, and make your report more business oriented; ie, what it would cost to make the halter, the overheads, would you have any employees? How lucrative would it be? how many halters could you make in a day? How many could you sell and to who? businesses or individuals. Would you have your own shop or work from home.. ect ect. I have written great reports on these horse topics: Animal Rights in the Rodeo. Is it Humane? ( I obviously argued that it is humane..) Talk about the amount of time a rough livestock works (in the arena) a year. The investment the stock contractors make. --- big one! The fact of on-site veterinarians. ect ect and The Drug Premarin - Premarin is a female horomone usually taken after a woman enters menopause. It is made from pregnant mares urine. These "Premarin farms" house pregnant mares and collect their urine for the drug. Research and write about how the horses are housed?, what do they do with all the babies?, Are there natural alternatives to the horomone they collect from the mare (which there are) that would eliminate the need for this paticular collection? The Premarin topic is extensive. I wrote a 20 page paper on it with an A... Also, a HUGE eye opener.. Good luck
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Jamison Jamison
How about you research the history of one country's music? Or the history of the guitar? There's lots of topics =]
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Frankie Frankie
It would have to be on a topic that you feel interested and passionate enough to write about. Also something that you could find enough resource materials and information on. If you like music you could write about a famous movement in history like music during the Harlem Renaisance for example. Or you could write about a controversial political topic. It all depends your personal preferance.
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Frankie Originally Answered: What's a good simple topic for a research paper?
Check out www.ClassTopic.com They have some great topics that I've used in the past. Each topic has three good sources to get you started on the research, too.

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