what do you still have to get or do before school starts?

what do you still have to get or do before school starts? Topic: what do you still have to get or do before school starts?
July 16, 2019 / By Zavanna
Question: i still have to get bows shorts and i need to get my hair done at the salon and dye my hair dark brown then next month im getting skinny jeans:)
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Shelena Shelena | 3 days ago
i need to buy: some charms for my bag. some stuff for my hair (cloth flowers & stuff) some short sleeve cardigans and such cause all my clothes are dress code. some more dresses cause i love em and some shirts (i pretty much need to go back to school shopping) a perfume. i'm thinkin lolita lempicka i need to make my hair look healthy oh i have to do my english lit & calculus summer homework :[[
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Shelena Originally Answered: AHHH! High school starts next week! I need help!?
First of all CALM DOWN (: it will be alright! I will give you tips: 1. I dont think you should carry a purse 2. you should carry a CUTE tote. 3. In the tote you should have your books, i guess your cellphone, some coverup makeup, and if you have your period carry extra supplies just in case there is a surprise 4. i would take your tote to classes because it makes it so much easier to carry your books. 5. i dont think you should go crazy with makeup. Maybe a little bit of eyeliner to bring out your eyes and also some coverup and foundation and a LITTLE bit of blush. If you want to re-apply your makeup during like lunch you can. 6. You should put your schedule in your locker (tape it) put a picture of a horse and a picture of a super hot celebrity <3 haha --------------------------------------... 7. for one day i think you should wear flats with skinny jeans and a new adorable top (that you would hopefully have). For another day i think you should wear black skinny jeans (if you have or if not normal skinnies) with a graphic tee and converse. 8. [answered above]^^^^ 5 9. I think you should curl your hair one day but dont put like spray so by the end of the day it wont look like a birds nest. Also you can straighten your hair and put a cute bow in it or like a clip. Also you can do like a cute lace braid (there are tutorials on youtube). You can also put your hair in a pony tail and or a cute messy bun. 10. Somethings you should know is be calm, be yourself, and dont listen to the older people. They might try to harass you but just dont pay ANY attention and dont show that they are affecting you if they really are. 11. It depends what school. If its a private, most likely they are nice. But by the looks of it, it seems its a public school. I dont think the seniors or juniors will be nasty with you. They were once in your shoes but since they think they are the **** then maybe they can. But i think since there are soooo many people in your school you shouldnt worry because if they want to mess with the freshman they are losers. Dances should be fun since you have other grades and you get to meet... BOYS <3 12. To manage your schedule you should: block schedule: do the homework the day assigned normal schedule: do your homework right when you get home before any activities. If you have a lot and you cant finish the homework then do some after. Try not to leave so much because then you will STRESS a lottt! You should do horse back riding the days of your schedule you know you wont have A LOT of homework. Also, math tutoring on the days you have math. I did gymnastics as an activity after school. If you are on a beginning level, then gymnastics will probably take like 1 hour usually. Keep in mind as you get more advanced, the more time it requires. If you get to the highest level (i dont recommend) but depending on the place, you probably practice everyday from 4-8 pm and its just crazy and stressful because you have to also compete on weekends. If horse back riding doesn't take too long then you can go to gymnastics right after. I wouldn't be involved in sooooo many activities out of school at the beginning because its hard to manage everything. Maybe go the first month of school without any activities so you get used to the way everything in. Then as the year goes by, add more activities. You should sit with different people until you are sure you want to be friends with them. STAY with your bestfriends no matter what! there is a lot of drama in highschool! you should be fine! dont worry and dont stress everything will be alright!! (: -Meli

Paulina Paulina
i have a uniform, so i need to get kneesocks get skirt trimmed sneakers lip gloss 4 skool outfit for tag day-when we get to wear our own cholthes idk wat else!!
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Marielle Marielle
AHHH, everything! i only have until the fourth. :/ but i pretty much know what i'm getting. so i should be good. here's some of the things i've got to do: highlight hair a lighter brown. get french manicure. get my hair trimed. eyebrows waxed. that's about all i can think of for now. things to buy: tons of cute new shirts from urban outfitters, wetseal, forever 21, hollister, AE, A&F, macy's, nordstrom, and delias. ok maybe not from all of those stores, but i do ♥ them. skinny jeans. straight leg jeans. grey was jeans. flare or bootcut jeans. hoodies. flats. accesories. a new purse. hair stufff. supplies. so yeahh...i better get busy. :/
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Kortney Kortney
I need to buy;; + Hair bows/bobby pins/headbands/hair elastics + Two more pairs of jeans, eight more tanks, and three more hoodies + A new purse (: + A notebook + Pens and lipgloss + Another pencil case I need to x Get my hair trimmed [bangs cheek length, hair shoulder length] x Dye it brown again [medium brown to cover up the bleach] x Get my nails done x ENROLL
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Jayla Jayla
finish getting new clothes get binder and all that stuff then get ribbons 4 my hair headbands a tote hair cut manicure jewelry history homework and study this 1 book and get makeup done and then buy the stuff the lady used and hang out with friends a couple more times : ]
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Jayla Originally Answered: hi if my daughter was diagnose ADDH since elementary school and have been on a program through high school the?
You need to contact a lawyer about this, preferably a lawyer who specializes in education law and understands the situation with 504. Be sure that you have documented evidence that the 504 plan was not followed. Discuss with the lawyer what your problems are, what difficulties your daughter has had, and ask what can be done to at least censure the school district for not upholding the document. Thank you so much for being your daughter's advocate in this, she needs your help and your support. There are a lot of parents who don't know what to do, and just give up. Hang in there! I'm assuming that you had an intake ARD meeting with the new school district and all of your daughter's paperwork from the sending school district was in order and the file was complete. You need to check on this, because if you don't have all of your ducks in a row, you will have difficulty pursuing this. The lawyer can tell you what he/she thinks is a good plan of action from here. It may be that you don't have to go to court but can get some kind of settlement. The school district is not going to want to have this kind of thing reach the state education agency, because not following a 504 plan is serious business, and they can get into some really hot water. They do not want that, believe me. Neither does the state, but they'll make sure your school district "feels the pain." I am so sorry this has happened to you and your daughter. Keep encouraging her to stick with everything. She's come so far, and this setback is just that--a setback. She can overcome this and go on, and you can help her to see that. While you are working this out, do be thinking ahead to her college choices and start checking into what she will need to have when she applies to colleges as far as her ADHD diagnosis for academic student assistance. Some colleges/universities will have programs to help students such as your daughter so that she can succeed. You do have to ask, but those programs are there. Good luck to all of you!

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