What do you think about the hierarchy in your family?

What do you think about the hierarchy in your family? Topic: What do you think about the hierarchy in your family?
June 27, 2019 / By Alyce
Question: Does it exists? I hated it being a middle child I have to tolerate to both the olders and youngers. What bout me? No one ever think about my feelings.
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Vern Vern | 3 days ago
I am also a middle child. I am 35. One sister is 38 and the other is sixteen. I love my sisters to death. My older sis and I fought all the time growing up. Now I watch over her and I am the only man that can so much as yell at her, bu i dont even do that. My little sister sends me the fathers day cards and calls me for homework help. She is 1700 miles away. I told you all that because yes your feeling should be considered while the closer in age you are the more likely you will have diferencnces. I wasn't going to argue with baby sis when I was 19, get it? If you siblings are old enough talk to the. It is important you dont start the conversation on a negative note. If the younger ones are very young and can't understand reason, talk to you folks about whats bothering you. It would be in their best interest and yours that they listent to and respect you. It may save their lives someday. If your parents give you too much responsibilty for the young ones tell them. Keep in mind you should have some responsibility toward your younger siblings, but unfortunately many parents abuse that these days and the oldest sibling ends up raising there younger brothers and sisters. I hope you have parents or another adult member you can talk to about your feelings. If not come back here it's a good place to vent and people want to help the best they can. You may also consider support in school or even best friends parents if you are close enough. Don't get depressed, just know your worth and try to work it out. (Within the family first if possible) Good luck and good health. You were smart enough to come here and ask so I know you will be fine. P.S. Don't listen to the idiot. Families are not overated. He just probably comes from a dysfuntional one.
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Vern Originally Answered: How does an Jamaican family differ from an American Family?
Well I don't know about American Family But in Jamaica we have very strict family values Respect and Manners are very important Brought up to be grateful Always respect your elders If you wanna know more just email me
Vern Originally Answered: How does an Jamaican family differ from an American Family?
I come from both so mines is a mix. My mother is Jamaican and she is really strict and believes in education and succesful. Unliker her childhood though, I still had more freedom than her.

Ronny Ronny
That's classic. I'm the oldest of five. I had to do a lot of babysitting, had the strictest rules until my parents figured out that a kid wouldn't die if they came in half an hour later, was expected to be a good example and more responsible. Wanna trade?
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Moise Moise
not that bad tough...... hierarchy is a series of ordered groupings of people or things within a system....
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Moise Originally Answered: Serious family problems! Please help!?
Hi, It sounds like you have a lot of outside interference. Here is a site that was written by a teen that may give you some tips: http://www.wholefamily.com/aboutteensnow... I have ADHD and I find it hard to stay on task but, I allot times for certain things. AFTER I have finished the things on my planner I need to do then, I have time for other things. When you get older you will regret the time you spent playing games when you should have been doing something that would improve your life in the long run. You cannot go back when you've lost an opportunity to better yourself. However, you can play games all your life. WIll it get you anywhere? Put the games in their right place and play them when it is appropriate to do so. I have learned that the longer you put something off the harder it is to get it done. If you just jump up and start the task , you'll be surprised at how quickly you can get it done! Time just flies by and before you know it, it's time to play games, watch T.V. or play on the computer. Give yourself the opportunity to bring your grades up..you CAN do it with with proper study skills and putting as much effort as you do with the games, into things that will make a difference in your life. I'm not downing you. ..believe me..I have the same problem I can sit at the computer all day. I have to just jump up, like I said, and immediately start what I have to do. Sometimes I will even go in to do something, look at it, and walk right back out. CAN"T DO THAT!! I'm not saying it's easy for people like us, I'm saying it's worth it. SO give it a try. Force yourself to make changes. Once you get the hang of it it is not hard to continue. Good luck!! JOSA

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