what do you think about this poem i wrote?!?!?(its pretty Bad Ass)?

what do you think about this poem i wrote?!?!?(its pretty Bad Ass)? Topic: what do you think about this poem i wrote?!?!?(its pretty Bad Ass)?
June 24, 2019 / By Trecia
Question: I have to present it to my class tomorrow and i want to know peoples' opinions of it (its supposed to be beat poetry btw) America This isn’t a poem about America, society, my issues or my beliefs It isn’t about the injustice in our nation or the corruption in our government The worlds so beautiful and exciting and mysterious and full of possibilities, or so they say, and yet I still can’t find a reason to feel fortunate What good is there explaining something as unconventional as life? You’ll never fully understand anything unless you figure it out for yourself I think drugs can help you come up with some of the best answers to your problems, I think that people should be more open to embrace them and place them as a priority above everything and anything else You’ll never accomplish this if you waste your time with arts and poetry, education and values, there’s no reason to be cultured I think ignorance is bliss, don’t you agree? I think your all just a bunch of assholes, you only know how to deceive, intimidate, and control, how can you stand to look at yourself at the end of each and every day? This is certainly not sarcastic propaganda about everything and anything, or it’s at least about nothing that matters. Does any of this make sense to you? I’m not writing about deeper meanings or misunderstood concepts; you’d be crazy if you thought I was This is benefiting neither you nor me This isn’t supposed to be complex; I don’t think you get it I’m just writing for the sake of writing, This isn’t even a poem, it doesn’t rhyme. This is SUPPOSED to be seen as a stereotypical additude, and its sarcastic! And beat poetry is ushually explicit, geez!
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Salal Salal | 8 days ago
Are people crazy? First off I want to remind everyone that a speaker or narrator in a poem is not the poet! People should never confuse the speaker/narrator with the person writing the poem. Do we all think that people who write movies are writing about their own lives? Poets are not in the business of biographies or the business of truth telling. Did everyone forget the great words of Pablo Picasso when he said (in regards to art) "We lie, and lie, and lie, until they see the truth." I personally think the poem is meant to be satiric piece pointing out the apathetic attitudes of people. It's a lot more complex then most of you are giving the writer credit for. In reality the poem is quite good. The long lines and exploration of society is very Beat, and so is the spontaneous feel. Depending on your grade level, your peers and teacher might not get it; just know that. I want you to know that if they don't like this, it's more of a reflection of where they are at, then where you are as a writer. Just so you don’t take my advice and praise lightly I will tell you that I teach some college juniors and seniors how to write poetry. I have a BA in Literature (creative writing) and a Master's Degree in English (creative writing) from one of the best colleges in the U.S. Is your poem perfect, of course not, but it's creative and explorational, and it takes a risk. Good art often takes risks, Bravo.
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Salal Originally Answered: Can anyone tell me how I can make this prose more like a poem I thought it was a poem but apparently its not?
i really like it actually. good for you. the line between prose and poetry is actually pretty blurry sometimes. But I think this could be labeled as a prose poem or free verse. If you wanted to learn more about poetry, there's this book I used when taking creative writing that was pretty helpful and can give you a lot more detail than I can here, it's called "The Art and Craft of Poetry" by Michael J. Bugeja, I'm sure you can find it on amazon on at the nearest college campus library. Good luck.

Nichole Nichole
I had to take a mental step back from the tone of the poem and realise that you were portraying an attitude before I started to see the merit in it. (My initial reaction was to bristle!) I can see the type of hoodie wearing, attitude infected, insecure, over- compensating posturing youth railing at anyone and everyone as he tries to make sense of a world that he feels isn't fair and guess what? It isn't! As an example of the sense of futility felt by the underclasses of society I think this is actually rather good and captures the spirit well. (If it was a genuine expression of your feelings I would have suggested you stop feeling sorry for yourself and get a job like the rest of us!) Don't worry about the expletives, some people get their knickers in a twist about the silliest things.
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Lyndsay Lyndsay
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Kayly Kayly
I love it! I've never read beat poetry before so don't know how it should go, but this poem rules. And leave in the swear word! It's not even a bad one. lol Well done, it shows depth and maturity of thought.
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Hyacinth Hyacinth
It's nasty enough to be reported, a classic example of the worthless attitude of today's youth. If your teacher is of any account, he'll award you a Big Fat "F".
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Edwyna Edwyna
its not bad u cud make it mor suggestive by not using swear words.trust me it works mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AqCfuWDFaipQLABqd1hkpafsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081106231531AAVks4k
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You can talk about different wars and examples can be in the movie "Saving Private Ryan" which is actually a true story and a very good movie...hope this helped :o)

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