what do you think of my photography?

what do you think of my photography? Topic: what do you think of my photography?
June 26, 2019 / By Afton
Question: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ashleeisleg... im in school for photography now, ive been trying out different things lately to get more creative photos.... ive been trying alot of black and white too. I just would like to know what you like and what you think... just to note:the recent concert photos on there are taken with a point and shoot camera (couldnt bring dslr) and the photos starting from the boy holding a skateboard giving the thumbs up to the photo of the barbie birthday cake are all film. i was trying the lomography thing..... AND i asked a question like this a few months ago and someone wrote at the end of their comment "hopefully the schools you applied to dont consider your application". YOU CAN SUCK IT. by the way im meaning more of the recent photos from the past year.....the photos near the bottom were with a crappy point and shoot 3 years ago.
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Suellen Suellen | 5 days ago
They're ok - bit of a mixed bag tbh. I like that you are experimenting with different looks & ideas. Favourites for me were; http://www.flickr.com/photos/ashleeisleg... http://www.flickr.com/photos/ashleeisleg... More importantly I do see a progression from earlier work to current images (not counting the concert shots) which show you are learning. Keep shooting & progressing - good luck! PS Good to see that you shoot in manual. But just so's you know, dialling in EV comp in manual won't do anything (it's for making exposure adjustments whilst you are in a seni-Auto mode like S or A).
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Suellen Originally Answered: Photography!?
I suggest you FIRST spend a few hours online at the Canon and Nikon website to learn more about digital photography. A $400. budget is really strectching it thin. Learn everything you can about how digital cameras work and what each feature actually does in the way of making it easier to make great photos. You need to learn about ISO and shutter speeds, megapixels and lenses. Don't be afraid to stop at a camera shop to get some hands on expereince with Nikon or Canon cameras. I personally own three Canon digital DSLR cameras and strongly suggest that you stay with a one of these two. If you can double your budget to $800. you will be happier with the end results. Start asking some of these friends if they can explain the finer points of their camera to you. If you do go to the camera store DO NOT be impulsive and buy the first camera that the saleman puts in your hand. The Nikon D-40, D-50, D-60 or D-80 is a great choice for a beginner. The Canon EOS Rebel XTi or XSi is also a great choice. I'm pretty sure you can get most any of those models with a lenses for $400-$800 dollars. Electronics stores and department stores might be also having sales now that christmas is done, and they have TONS of unsold merchandise. You can also get a "gently used" digital camera for a STEAL on e-bay. Do some homework, then do some price comparisions. Good Luck

Rachelle Rachelle
I think you have some very nice work thrown in with some awful junk. From one extreme to the other actually. You need to go through all your photos with a RUTHLESS eye to weeding out the crap. Things like screen shots of Beavis and Butthead and blurry flower shots have no place with your many excellent black and white work. I truly hate what Yahoo has done to Flickr. I think you should look into another hosting site where you can arrange photos into categories in a much more pro looking fashion. Flickr now looks like something a 10 year old kid would design, and it makes even good photos look bad. So bottom line, you have the ability to do some excellent work, but your presentation is horrible, ... some of that being the fault of Flickr. But at the very least, take a long, hard, objective look at all your photos and dump the very amateur looking ones so what is left is a better example of what you are capable of creating. Don't fall for quantity over quality. Much better to have only 20 very good photos instead of 20 good photos mixed in with 200 awful snapshots. steve
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Melicent Melicent
I think you need to slow way down, and realize that you should never take a picture. I'm a pro, and I never take pictures. What to do is to realize that a photograph that is well done is a considered thing. Realize what you want the photo to be, imagine the final result. From there you do what it takes to make it happen. As you get used to this way of thinking, you will find ways to improve your technique. You never take pictures, you make them.
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Leanora Leanora
Most of them are good and some of them not so much, you could should try being a freelance photographer, think about your photos are probably the same quality if not better than newspaper photos and it builds a resume if you get published
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Leanora Originally Answered: I have a few questions about photography, help?
Stefanie, do you SERIOUSLY think that one of us is going to answer all your homework questions for you? And how can you be sure that the answers you receive are correct??? If you weren't bothered to pay attention in class or are just not bothered to read the books, then maybe you need to ask yourself "Why did I take this class?" The internet has a wealth of information available, all at the click of your mouse...and if I were you, I would start searching (with a search engine) for the answers. Wikipedia is a good place to start and there are many (photographic) sites available. Even a simple Google search might help you. In the time that it took you to write ALL these questions...you probably could have found the answer to at least one or two of them... good luck with your research

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