What do you think of this part of my story?

What do you think of this part of my story? Topic: What do you think of this part of my story?
June 26, 2019 / By Tibby
Question: He seemed to glow with an aura of silent intimidation that made the guards on either side of him shift their weight in discomfort. Stringy, chin-length black hair framed his olive-toned face; a poorly maintained goatee reached up from his chin to the corners of his mouth. Upon his right arm was inked an intricate design, snaking up around his bulging biceps and under the short sleeve of his black muscle t-shirt. He eyed her apathetically, sapphire gaze wandering from her face to her shoes, and back again. Katherine looked nervously at Christian, who simply grinned in response; “Katherine, this is Reginald. He’ll be your bodyguard from now on.” A snort came from somewhere behind them. Reginald gave a slight bow; “your highness…” She didn’t know what to say, so she remained silent. “Reginald has been in service to our family for the past six years. He is extremely skilled in his craft, and is one of the most capable fighters I’ve ever laid eyes on.” “I…um…” Katherine searched her mind for something to say. “Nice to meet you,” she finally uttered, for lack of anything better. “The pleasure is mine,” Reginald replied robotically, his voice thick with disinterest. It's a story for my creative writing class. We picked three names and a setting out of a hat, and my setting was a palace. It's just the first part, but what do you think?
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Roslyn Roslyn | 3 days ago
I think that your beginning is really quite good, intriguing. I'd want to know the details, of course, and I am imagining that you will povide those as you continue the story. What you've written so far, you've done quite well -- literately, which I would think would be important to the teacher who will be reading and grading it. I would advise you to keep writing; you most likely write better than the majority of your classmates!
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Roslyn Originally Answered: Help with part of my story?
DESCRIBE!!!!! people love details and that's where it's your time to shine...you have to be creative. I can't tell you how to write a story, that's like telling you how to interpret the bible, everyone does it differently, we just share ideas. Be like "they rode around the track...so in so was going around the bend when so in so came past him. Both guys were having a great time... blah blah blah
Roslyn Originally Answered: Help with part of my story?
Follow this steps Go and get two pieces of paper Write each part so one with a fight and another with just racing. Read over which is better sounding and flowing to you. For description show don't tell. As in make the reader use their imagination and don't just give it away make them think. For example Telling:he cried Showing: his face turn bright red while the hot tears ran down his face. More apealing huh? So go now write your rough copy of the race with both endings and reread both and see which one is better. Hope I helped :)

Nadia Nadia
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Loren Loren
dont listen to mr exotic i like it u should make it into a big book i want to read more of it now
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