What does "dabatne" mean?

What does "dabatne" mean? Topic: What does "dabatne" mean?
June 24, 2019 / By Abbot
Question: While I was doing my Latin homework I had to translate a sentece. But I dont know what "dabatne" means. And it isn't in Google Translate or any of my books. My teacher told us in class, but I dont remember what he said it meant
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Shirlee Shirlee | 5 days ago
dabat is 3rd person singular indicativ imperfect active of do, dare - he/she/it was giving -ne is interrogative particle (it is added to the word) So, dabatne = was he/she/it giving?
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Petra Petra
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Marlene Marlene
do you perhaps mean dabat ne as two separate words? From what I'm reading dabat ne would don't give (dabat irregular of to give) and ne being a negative header that you could use as to say do not. I do not speak latin, I do however speak Spanish, Italian, a bit of Portuguese and my thesis is on linguistic studies, so this would make sense I however could be wrong. Hope this helps
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