What happened to Today's youth?

What happened to Today's youth? Topic: What happened to Today's youth?
June 18, 2019 / By Abigale
Question: Do you remember a time when teenagers had to actually do there homework by themselves? Or when if you wanted something, you went out got a job and paid for it, yourself? Happen when you were little and you messed up and got a spanking, that wasn't child abuse that was good parenting. Don't you miss the times when people didn't care so much about other people's feelings, or animals feelings? Or when you could go out on Halloween night till midnight scoring candy by yourself at age 10. Whatever happened to those glorious days. What I'm talking about is Teens using Google or Yahoo to get there homework answers instead of cracking open a book talking about back in the day if I messed up I had the privilege to cut my own hickory switch to be beat with, it wasn't abuse nor was it excessive talking about these kids complaining about how they didn't get what they wanted for there birthday, or need help deciding what to get. talking all the feuding over our differences because we care what other people think talking about how those poor cows don't even get yard time, but that's why we're above on the food chain talking about kids on leashes, kids not being able to go around without a friend there, I walked all around by myself all the time when I was 10 I'm 19 years old
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Stirling Stirling | 7 days ago
We do our homework by ourselves. Except for the select few that need help. Just like in 'your days'. If I want something, I have to get my own money. Just like a lot of other kids. I got spanked all the time when I was a kid. Some parents just take it too far, and are now getting caught. Why would you want to be a barbaric person that doesn't want to care about other people or animals? We are becoming more civilized as a people. There are far too many risks of letting your ten year old child out by themselves. I am fifteen years old, mind you.
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Stirling Originally Answered: Youth Violence? (who's responsible)?
They people around youths and peer pressure are most responsible for the prevention and consequences of youth violence. -it sounds better, and includes parents, but also includes friends and peers, because they have a large impact. I say go for this topic, it's challenging, but once you get started, it will all come together. if i had to pick one of the thesis statements you had listed, i would choose 1, because it is the most specific, and very true. Remember: narrow topic/main subject + opinion = thesis statement
Stirling Originally Answered: Youth Violence? (who's responsible)?
I would probably go with parental responsibility and the environment. If children grow up in a stressful environment, they may be more likely to lash out. Though keep in mind that any person could just as easily inflict harm against others with the excuse of ' I just felt like it '. Parents should also know what's going on in their child's life. I don't mean snooping around and fully going into their business, but an idea of what they're up to is good. They should tell their children of what the consequences of violence are and why it's not good. I dunno, just my sentiments. I've never been lectured on the dangers of Youth Violence except for the stupids things we hear at school.

Palmer Palmer
What happened to today's youth are the generations of adults before them, for good and not so good. We do the best we can and the worst we can and they fall between the cracks in one direction or the other. Nothing wrong with doing homework with others. They don't make the credit and purchase decisions. Too many "spankings" were/are parents exorcising their own demons and imposing them on their children. There is still too much "don't care." We eat too much candy all year long. The glorious days are yet to come. Peace. Additional details: The more you add, the more you sound like a youth (19) we ought to be trying to help develop a broader, deeper outlook and the ablility to deal with the fact that thngs change! There was surely someone -- a bunch of them -- wondering what was wrong with the "youth" of your day, perhaps including you.
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Linus Linus
The new liberal generation! Don't hurt anyone blah, blah, blah! The same reason we are still in Iraq. We fought that war the liberal way, Don't hurt anyone's feelings! If the liberals were around in WW2, we would still be fighting it!
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Linus Originally Answered: Why Am I Mourning My Lost Youth?
well , it depends on your definition of "lost youth" Society and culture has the tendency to tell us what a "good childhood" should be like and what a "bad childhood" is however , we all come from different different walks of life. Therefore, what might be labeled as a good childhood for one person may differ for another. To put it simply, the views we have on most things in our lives are not governed by our own thoughts and emotions, but by what the media produces . The superficiality of a "good childhood" is an overrated product used for advertising and market gain. you know how they say "the grass is always greener?" Everyone is susceptible to this because everyone has at least in one point of their life been victims to the media's influence. No matter how rich someone is , the grass is always for some reason greener on the other side.. It is important to remind yourself that your childhood does not define you, and neither does your past. They key is to forget whatever it is that is bothering you, and keep the lessons you have learned. To move foward and live the life you have always wanted. and most importantly to "let go" meaning that we do not "own" our experiences, we have no control over where we are born, the people we encounter, how those people may act, what may happen or even the air we breath the only thing we will ever have control over throughout our entire lifetime, is our mind. Don't let the media tell you what a childhood is supposed to be, and dont let anybody fool you into thinking that you're memories are not at your disposal. It is your mind and you can choose to do with it what you wish. I hope this helps, best of luck

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