What is a creative project i can do for the Iliad?

What is a creative project i can do for the Iliad? Topic: What is a creative project i can do for the Iliad?
June 18, 2019 / By Annette
Question: I have to do a creative project about anything to do with the Iliad. I am at a loss as to what exactly I'm going to do. PLEASE HELP.
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Wyot Wyot | 10 days ago
Why not make a miniature pyre? Everyone will do miniature trojan horses and ships with black sails, but make a pyre out of sticks (you can probably find in your back yard!) and buy a tiny doll and write Patroclus or Hector on it. Make sure you put coins on their eyes! Good luck! :)
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Shea Shea
One possibility is to act out a key scene (Achilles sulking in his tent, for example). yet another may well be to compose a song which beneficial factors highlights from the poem. you're able to make a poster with photos of the government characters and tell what makes all and sundry significant. you would be able to desire to construct a variety of the city of Troy or the malicious program. you're able to make a short video in which you pretend to interview the multiple considerable characters. those are in basic terms some suggestions to get you began.
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Nivek Nivek
Illustrate a god, goddess, hero, or monster or illustrate an important scene from the Iliad associated with him/her/it. Complete it in a three-dimensional manner. Ex: make an Achilles shield The shield constitutes only a tiny part in this martial saga, a single piece of armor on a single man in one of the armies—yet it provides perspective on the entire war. Depicting normal life in peacetime, it symbolizes the world beyond the battlefield, and implies that war constitutes only one aspect of existence. Life as a whole, the shield reminds us, includes feasts and dances and marketplaces and crops being harvested. Human beings may serve not only as warriors but also as artisans and laborers in the fields. Not only do they work, they also play, as the shield depicts with its dancing children. Interestingly, although Homer glorifies war and the life of the warrior throughout most of his epic, his depiction of everyday life as it appears on the shield comes across as equally noble, perhaps preferable. http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&q=shi... Create a poster, a PowerPoint slide show, a video, or a scrapbook with pictures/illustrations of the character and scenes from the Iliad associated with that character, as well as relevant data about the mythological character. http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/iliad/char...
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