What is a typical day like at your house?

What is a typical day like at your house? Topic: What is a typical day like at your house?
June 27, 2019 / By Amaryllis
Question: This is a question for all you stay at home moms with at least one child that is not in school yet. What time does your day start? What activities, if any, do you do? And how do you make time for yourself?
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Wallis Wallis | 9 days ago
4:30~nurse baby, get up and make my husband coffee and tell him goodbye go back to sleep till 6:30~ get up, get dressed, get my 6 y/o ready for school, 7 breakfast for her and read her library book from school. 7:30 school bus, 3 y/o up, babysitting kids arrive. 8:00 breakfast and baby wakes up for the day, and eats. 8:30 get baby and 3 y/o dressed, baby swings or sets in bouncer, big kids color or do puzzles while I clean kitchen and make beds and start laundry. If it is nice out we would go play outside till lunch If its yucky out we stay in and play toys. 12:30 lunch 1-2 story then quiet time for big kids. I clean kitchen, feed baby, and switch laundry. 2 or 2:30 up from quiet time, play or watch cartoons till 3:30 big sister and 1 babysitting kid get home. Snack time for all. Feed baby. Hubby home from work. Homework for big girls little ones cartoons again for 30 mins or so.Outside again if it is nice. Play doh or painting or baking something if it is yucky. 5:30 babysitting kids leave, girls have daddy time, I cook dinner. 6:30 feed baby then either I give baths or clean kitchen (hubby and I take turns) 7:OO bedtime stories 7:30 lighs out. then I pick up toys and vaccume and put away laundry. 8 or so I shower then have a little bit of mommy daddy time. 9:3O feed baby FALL INTO bed! 12:30 feed baby etc. etc.
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Wallis Originally Answered: Describe a typical college day?
The best time to do laundry is on the weekday because it's ALWAYS crowded in the laundry room on weekends. Usually on a weekday, I use to get up go to class all day. Have lunch when I had a break between classes. Do homework. Then check out the activities on campus. On some Thursday nights, Fridays and Saturdays....PARTY!!!!

Rudolph Rudolph
I have a 3 year old son and a 8 month old daughter, plus a foster child. I wake up about 7am to feed my daughter, change and dress her. In which time partner is already up and in the shower, Around half seven other kids will awake so I'll get them breakfast followed by washed and dress. At 8 partner leaves for work and youngest will go in her bouncy chair while mummy cleans up, and the others will have the tv on or a dvd while playing with lego, toy cars, building blocks, everything! After I've cleaned up a little I'll go in with the other kids and bring in the baby to lay on my stomach or curl in my lap while I'm on the floor with the kids. Then some madness at lunchtime, after which 8 month will settle for a nap and the kids will play in the garden or do some painting or dress up something like that. If I'm feeling brave I'll do a food shop, If I'm not feeling brave I'll do a shop online. If it's a nice day then we'll go the park which is really nearby if it's not we'll hang out inside, as logn as it's making a mess, the kids are happy! I guess this continues til partner comes home, we'll sit down to dinner then it's bath and bed, from about half 7 onwards it's pretty blissful as everyones asleep and then we can chat, have a glass of wine, watch a movie. Or I'll just finish up cleanign from the day. Then we sleep, and it starts all over again!
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Mortimer Mortimer
I have been trying to get up before my daughter wakes up and shower and eat breakfast. It isn't easy since she is an early bird, but it helps me feel more focused for the day. I feed her breakfast after she's been up a little while, since she doesn't like to eat right away. She watches a cartoon or two while she wakes up, then she eats, has a bath, and depending on what the weather is like, we do something. If we have to stay indoors, she likes to color and draw, play with play-dough, look at books, play with her Leap Frog toys, dance to music, ect. She isn't into one thing for very long though, she jumps form activity to activity! If the weather is nice, I try to take her to the park or we run errands, like grocery shopping, to visit a friend or family member, to a kid-friendly place, our library has story time on thursdays, so we do that usually. Just going outside with her is funny sometimes, because she finds the littlest things so interesting and it is cute. She eats lunch, runs around the house a bit, then is usually ready for a nap, if I'm lucky. That's when I take a few minutes for myself, even if the chores are piled up. I then try to get a few things done before she wakes up. When she wakes from her nap, she is usually super cranky, it takes her a while to wake up, and I feel better if I get some stuff done and I have tried to relax for a little while, so I am more patient. Then we play or go out, whatever the day brings and whatever I think she can handle, daddy comes home, we eat supper, more play of her choice, wind down, snack, brush teeth, then hopefully bed.
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Kelcey Kelcey
well, i've got a 3 month old and an 18 month old. i usually wake up at 7, if the babies are still sleeping and take a shower. my oldest usually wakes up at 8 30 and i give him breakfast, change his diaper then we play for a while until my little one wakes up to eat. then my oldest takes a nap at around 11. and if my little ones sleeping, i get on the computer and have some me time. that's pretty much the only time i get. when they're sleeping. lol. but my hubby gets off at 5 and i make dinner and he helps with the babies :) my oldest goes to bed around 8. then me and the hubby spend some time together between my colicky 3 month old :) it's not as hard as i thought it was going to be when i was pregnant with number two :)
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Herbie Herbie
My time is in thr evening...they go to bed at 7.30 and thats that. In the day we get up at 7.00am, my 5 year old goes to school and we walk over there at arond 8.40. Then me and my 2 year old daughter go shopping or out for breakfast...to the park to play or t toddler group....if we don't go out then we stay in and craft, read and watch tv!
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Ella Ella
well when i come back from school im usually alone since my dad and mom are on work and my sister in school too,i start by making my self something to eat,or watch TV.After that i study and for the rest of the day i play PC or have all kinds of fun : )
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Ella Originally Answered: What is a typical college class like?
Easy for me, but I was really smart!!! I had a full-ride scholarship and started college when I was 16. You will have to study a lot. Keep up on your classes and do homework, even if your professors don't collect it or grade it. one hour of class is supposed to be one hour of studying outside of class. Study for exams. You may only get graded on 2 or 3 tests. That's it, and no other chance to get grades. So you have to do good on them. Some classes will have lots of people in them. Others will not. Geology you may have to have lab hours, but mine were'nt complicated. We worked in pairs and did little projects the professor assigned. Spanish was fun, but easy. It was a review of what I already knew. You will have to be independent and responsible. Your teachers won't give a crap about you or if you studied. It is your responsibility as an adult and as someone who is in college because they want to be and want to learn. You have to try. Participate. Ask questions. Answer questions. Show up to class. Don't skip out. Some professors take attendance or participation grades. Just try hard and do your best. You will be fine!

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