what is Chinua Achebe trying convey about the culture and history of the of Things Fall Apart.?

what is Chinua Achebe trying convey about the culture and history of the of Things Fall Apart.? Topic: what is Chinua Achebe trying convey about the culture and history of the of Things Fall Apart.?
June 19, 2019 / By Abiram
Question: i need this as my thesis statement. don't get me wrong i read the novel i just need help geting started. my idea is that colonization was wrong and ruined Africa's culture and they would have been better left alone. fell free to add ur thoughts i meant of the Inhabitants of Things Fall Apart. sorryy
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Sissy Sissy | 1 day ago
Well besides the fact that the Christian colonists were wrong, Achebe also blames the Igbo culture for being too stoic. The fact that Umuofia is so focused on being masculine and preserving tradition led to their collapse when faced with the british colonization. The narrator takes on a pretty neutral tone, but often describes the Igbo culture as having pretty gruesome and illogical customs such as killing twins. Besides, at the end of the novel, it really is the villagers themselves who drive Okonkwo to hang himself. I think that when looking at the idea of change vs. tradition in this novel, you should look at the poem by Yeats, "The Second Coming,"" which the book was named after. The Second Coming talks about the anti-christ, and contains the line "The ceremony of innocence is drowned" which indicates that ignorance is partly to blame for the eventual end of the world. Also the fact that the falcon spins so far away from the falconer that the spiral falls apart puts the blame on the falcon, and not the falconer. In both the book and the poem, the Anti-Christ/missionaries are the cause of the fright, but the anarchy begins when the society collapses from being inflexible and ignorant. But still, there is no doubt that Achebe wrote the book to antagonize the British missionaries. The Igbo culture is still rich and colorful while the British one is cold and reactionary. I think that if you consider Okonkwo to be a smaller version of Umuofia you can get a good idea of the dualism the Achebe wanted to present. Though he is the protagonist, he is still a deeply flawed character. Good luck, and I hope I helped!
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Sissy Originally Answered: Things fall apart help!?
Man..do your own homework...but since I'm nice, here are the answers! James Smith--- d. christian missionary who felt things were black and white Cheilo ---------ac. village widow and priestess Unoka ---------ae. died with many debt Ezinma --------b. was the child loved best by Okonkwo Okonkwo -----c.great warrior; did now show affection Obierka--------ab. asked missionaries to remove Okonkwo's body Nwoye ---------a. disowned by family after become a Christian Mr. Brown-----bc. understanding missionary willing to work with Igbo culture Ikemefuna-----e. good natured "son" to Okonkwo Ekwefi ---------ad. great beauty; married once before
Sissy Originally Answered: Things fall apart help!?
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Phrona Phrona
Try to focus on the differences between the white society that overran Okonkwo's society. You can use the idea that is was wrong and ruined their society, but you must show how they had a good society, and compare it to the Christian society that invaded it. Make sure to use the character of the District Commissioner, especially his last line in the book!! You cannot write on this topic and not use that.
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Marybeth Marybeth
Its important to remeber that the whites did help corrupt the society/villiage, but also remember the way that the villagers responded to the intrusion. yes, the colonists were the aggressors and the all around bad guys in the story, but the division among the tribesmen was just as detrimental to the all around destruction of community and Okonkwo's ultimate suicide.
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