What Is The Best Paying Work From Home Job For A Stay At Home Mom?

What Is The Best Paying Work From Home Job For A Stay At Home Mom? Topic: What Is The Best Paying Work From Home Job For A Stay At Home Mom?
June 18, 2019 / By Amabel
Question: I Have 2 Young Kids And Need A Way To Pay The Bills Without Having To Leave The House. Any Suggestions?
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Vortigern Vortigern | 4 days ago
I don't know what the best paying way is to make money but I am a powerseller on Ebay, starting from scratch about 2 years ago. I also have an ecommerce business selling baby products which I started about 7 months ago. I sell affiliate products and have an executive recruiting business (something you have to be trained to do). I do all of these businesses from home and they are growing more and more each day. An Ebay or Bonanzle business (bonanzle is new and it is free right now but it doesn't get anywhere near the traffic of Ebay) is the easiest to start. Spend a little money to get a little bit of information. Read what's on my blog about how to get started. Join Salehoo see the link below). Pick a market niche by following their instructions. Set up your Ebay account. Buy some items first to build your feedback and then start selling. Over Christmas last year I made almost $6000. All I did was go to stores like Ollies and Walmart. I saw items that were of interest to me. Wrote those items down (or if you are wired to the internet through your phone you can look them up while in the store), looked them up on Ebay to see if they were selling or not and if so, for how much. If I saw that they were selling and I could make a profit, I bought the item. The key is to find an item that is at least 90% off (yes, you can) and you can be pretty certain if you have done your homework, that the item will sell. There is so much more to this. Here are several resources for more information. If you want to get started right on Ebay, learn from some of the experts. There are two resources that you can buy that will help you get started. The key to success is to read the material and FOLLOW THROUGH with it. Don't buy it and let it sit around. Read it when your kids are in bed. It takes many years to build a successful brick and mortar business. Therefore, you know that you cannot build an internet business overnight. With Ebay you can sell a physical product or an information product. I do both. I wrote my own jobsearch ebook which I sell from my website (you can build a blogger blog for free) and sell an information product from it. OR what's even better is to get an ebook that is already written in a market niche (a subject of interest to you like cooking, cats, dogs, beagles, parrots, children, babies, etc) and sell something someone else has created. The Ebay powerseller book recommended below is excellent. It will help you to create an almost automated system for earning money from home on Ebay. Ebay isn't perfect by any means but it has brought in enough money every month to pay my mortgage and a few other bills. It happened over a two year period but I started making money almost immediately from buying low and selling higher and then making Christmas time my bonanza by doing a little bit of research. Hope this helps you.
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Vortigern Originally Answered: i am a stay home mom of a 13 year old boy. i want to know if anybody is working at home like data entry?
This typing opportunity only applies to the U.S. and Europe. If you are an accomplished typist - word processor and have recently visited your local 4-year university librarian, you can apply as a "certified" graduate typist, earning between $1.50 to $2.00 per page for typing a master or doctoral thesis. The librarian will ask the following questions in order to qualify you as a "certified" typist: (1) Are you familiar and have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word? (2) Are you able to set up section breaks along with appropriate placement of auto page numbering in the footer/header? (3) Are you familiar with setting up a scheme with emphasis on the proper use of auto numbering, such as 1., 1.1, (a), (i), etc.? (4) Do you have access to a scanner with built-in OCR sofware? (5) Do you have access to a high-speed laser quality printer? If you answer all the above questions in the affirmative, the librarian will provide you with a sample of the typing format template (i.e., margin settings, font selection, page set up, etc.) in order to complete these projects. The librarian will then place your name on a list of "certified" graduate typists. This "certified' list will be given to various department heads so that any graduate student seeking your services can easily contact you directly from this list. An average weekend income is about $300-$400 for two days of work. Good luck!

Royce Royce
How about Purse Party? That's what I do! You do have to purchase a starter kit but you will make all that back in 1-2 parties and it's only $199! I'm a stay at home mom and I love doing it!
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Moriarty Moriarty
Stayin' Home and Lovin' It Is seeking partners for No Risk Home Based Business No Selling No Parties No Inventory No Deliveries No Cold Calling Work From Home Has Never Been Easier! This company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has received the Hall of Fame award for honor and integrity We have what you are looking for… It is your life. It is your choice. Choose the best. http://www.ILuvWhatIDo.com/
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Keenan Keenan
This System is the hottest, cutting-edge system in the Network Marketing Industry.Yet, the program is easy to learn. And most amazingly, its totally FREE to start. i made a video to prove you that im getting payed by the company, it's on my blog. www.traakon51.blogspot.com
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Hengist Hengist
Yes it is possible. There are various ways to earn money through online. Most popular ways are- PTC, Adsense,freelancing. I have stated all of these in my blog. My blog is a gateway to earn money through online. So have a nice earning. Best Regards Shamima www.earn-moneyways.blogspot.com
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Hengist Originally Answered: is it bad to stay home?
I think you've figured it out. Kids always want to go out and have fun, but the truth is there is not really that much fun to be had "out there". I figured it out about the same age as you are now and I especially hated "parties". I mean really, what is there to do at parties? Eat, drink and talk, listen to music. After a while kids start doing things that will get them in trouble just to relieve the boredom. Drink alcohol, play music so loud it bothers the neighbors, get in fights, do drugs. No thanks. The only thing I never got tired of was going dancing with guys who could really dance. Dancing was fun and good for you. Romance is fun, but after a while, even that gets boring and once again you end up getting in trouble. I don't need to go into details there, do I? You are growing up and figuring out life. Don't waste it doing things you don't enjoy. If you want to stay home with your family, do that. Your friends will figure it out too some day. Meanwhile, invite one of them over to your place for an evening instead of going out and bake some cookies, answer some questions on Yahoo Answers together, and watch a movie. Much better.

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