What is the deal with you kids asking HOMEWORK questions here on Yahoo?

What is the deal with you kids asking HOMEWORK questions here on Yahoo? Topic: What is the deal with you kids asking HOMEWORK questions here on Yahoo?
June 27, 2019 / By Amilia
Question: They are called HOMEWORK for a reason. So you can learn and understand the work YOU DID. I can only tell you from former past experience when I let somebody answer my homework for me I would do horrible when it came to the test taking time. If you are one of the kids asking for homework questions tell me a VERY GOOD REASON WHY? Not because: A.) You're Lazy B.) I just don't give a crap about school *** I do understand there are time when you are completely stomped as math questions but the ones with Paper/Grammar??! Seriously??*** So far all of you have recieved the grade of "F" for such poor answers: why? - Patrick- Grow Up! Try college then you'll know the meaning of hard. -Protoman- Not enough Personal Resource eh? The fact you are on Yahoo able to search on the internet which is the LARGEST LIBRARY is amuses me yet disturbing to believe you don't even realize that?! Why don't you try your local library with ACTUAL books! Best of all it's FREE! -Eddie- Oh. I'm shaking in my shoes, a 3.0 G.P.A wow! I graduated with a 4.0 in High School and double majored in Biology and Nursing School with an average of 3.8. You need to grow common sense in your brain that there is a difference in asking a question and getting ANOTHER PERSON to answer the question for you. Why don't YOU look up the answer YOURSELF. I hate it when kids get on here and ask to check for grammar on their paper or ask another to look up an answer from their history class.
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Wat Wat | 9 days ago
Sometimes specific questions out of textbooks are hard to phrase into entries that give results in search engines and such..I'm not really sure. I've asked questions about concepts in some of my classes that I don't understand, but you're right- people can always call up a friend in that class or now even just email all their teachers directly from a school website. I think most people ask homework questions on here because it is populated with users 24/7 so there is a huge chance of getting an answer quickly.
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Wat Originally Answered: What's the deal with teens posting their homework question on Yahoo Answers. I think this is cheating?
and teens also hate teachers/parents like u nosying in =] nO ONE LIKES HW we have better things to do we get enough work iin school and we dont need anymore to do in out free time if it makes my HW go by faster I WILL!

Sachie Sachie
hey wait a minte, now im not in school, gradurated in '02 with a 3.0 gpa,, why not ? they ask because this is a resorce like anything else, the ask questions here because all kinds of people, from all kinds of backgrounds are here at one time. where eles can you get such a diversity of people, to ask a question, that you want to know the answer to. and besides the want to finish there homework, so they care enough to ask to get it done, thats why the ask right ? so tell me whats wrong with that ?
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Murdoch Murdoch
Well might be they real can not comprehend whatever and wish support.I am residence schooled and frequently while I want support and nobody in my residence can support me it could be easy to have anyone who would provide an explanation for a few matters.
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Kendall Kendall
The reason why is that sometimes we cannot find the answer with the resources we have (not everyone has a personal library, you know).
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Hilkiah Hilkiah
Last year I home schooled and I was in Chemisty. You have no idea how hard it is for a 15 to figure out what protrons and neutrons are postive and negative and all that stuff on the computer!
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Hilkiah Originally Answered: Why do so many people ask their homework questions on yahoo! answers?
Because they're in the homework help section and that's what's it there for. If you don't want to do homework, then avoid that section. Plus I think some of them might be too lazy to figure out things on their own. It's gonna surprise them when they can't figure things out for an in class test, don't you think? Plus I believe that some of them just don't understand what the question is wanting and maybe a third party can enlighten them a little.

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