What is the reason for this double standard?

What is the reason for this double standard? Topic: What is the reason for this double standard?
June 18, 2019 / By Aeryn
Question: now let's see, both UN and Feminists have been whining how cruel the female circumcision is and even enforce African families to stop from doing it but still they don't care when men and boys are mutilated, the funny thing is before Western medicine is introduced to Africa both men and women got mutilated in a horrible way but since a recent years Western countries deliberately help men to get mutilated while whining for female circumcision.in both Philippine and korea men are enforced by the social pressure to get it done but when the same thing is happening in the Africa but on women everyone will start whining oh cruel it's. I heard both US and UK banned the female circumcision so even adult women can not get it done. and they banned it because some of foreign women are circumcised because of the social pressure so WHY these governments can't ban the male circumcision so it won't be pressured upon men and boys too? well now don't argue female circumcision is cruel. actually both circumcisions are cruel and it's fact.
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Theo Theo | 7 days ago
Male circumcision (aka male genital mutilation or MGM) and female circumcision (FGM) are essentially similar. Further, the most common form of female circumcision cuts off the clitoral hood (the female prepuce), so it is very similar to cutting off the male prepuce (the parts that people call the foreskin). There is quite a bit of cultural bias associated with each of these practices. Male and female circ are pushed for the same reasons -- lower sexual pleasure, primitive ideas about hygiene, religion, looks and claims about disease avoidance. At least two studies Stallings et al. (2009) and Kanki et al. concluded that female circumcision (in these cases labia and clitoral hood cutting) lowered HIV risk to the cut women. The most prevalent FGM is the cutting of the labia and clitoral hood (not the clitoris) and it is often done in a hospital setting. Some women claim the sex is fine, say it is cleaner and they want it done to their daughters. The people that push female circumcision say it is not mutilation. The people that push male circumcision say it is not mutilation. Across most of the world, male circumcision is not practiced and it is viewed as MUTILATION. Mutilation, which circumcision clearly is (it is a removal of healthy erogenous tissue), is abhorrent to Western Civilization. It was just in the US and briefly in UK that baby boy penis parts were cut off to reduce male sexual pleasure. This was a Victorian age thing that continued until about the 1950s. The ideas was to lower male sexual urges and sexual pleasure. Then it was the primitive ideas of hygiene and not understanding good and foreign (invasive) bacteria). This actually continues with people (including doctors and nurses) still saying this. They miss the idea that there is bacteria all over us and we all NEED it. It is actually not cleaner to have a cut up penis. It has now also been observed that natural boys have the same bacteria as natural girls and that cut boys have different (invasive) bacteria. A partial penis (cut up penis) is just missing parts, but as such it is invaded by not natural bacteria. Once the thing got going in the US, people accepted it and did not talk about it. As with female circumcision, the cut often want their child cut. That is changing. Parents are getting the word, that this practice is very harmful to the man the baby will become. People are becoming aware that the penis parts that are amputated contain over 3 feet of arteries, veins and capillaries and thousands of nerve endings (well above 10,000). Americans are getting the word that the parts of the penis that are cut off are some of the most highly innervated parts of the human. To take this away from another person without their consent is heinous. To do this to a newborn baby is creepy, child abuse and a human rights VIOLATION. Please stop mutilating babies.
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Price Price
Male and female circumcision are very different things , usually in the female the clitoris is totally removed so she gets no pleasure from sex at all, in the male it is the foreskin that is removed, although this is also done if the foreskin is too tight or other medical reasons as well as religious
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Malachi Malachi
You speak of Female Genital Mutilation & Not Female Circumcision. Female circumcision removes the clitoral hood only, and not the clitoris itself as it done with FGM.
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