What is the value of relationship when determining a moral/ethical system's validity?

What is the value of relationship when determining a moral/ethical system's validity? Topic: What is the value of relationship when determining a moral/ethical system's validity?
June 19, 2019 / By Adin
Question: Relationship defined as a social interaction within small groups and larger societies. Validity defined as its worth and perceived value as a truth in application. Value defined as having usefulness in achieving some purpose. Can a moral/ethical system be contructed by an antisocial individual? Would this system have value? Can a moral/ethical system be constructed by a hermit? ADDED:: Assumption = relationship is neccessary to construct any system of moral/ethical philosophy. Justification = case studies of feral children by psychologists who find feral children do not develop conginitive and social skills, nor develop language and therefore cannot communicate or think in a way to develop a rational system of morality/ethics.
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Steph Steph | 3 days ago
Relationships provide an objective reference point to check how the morality is doing with a specific population. Ethics can also be checked simply by testing a relationship where conflicts happen and seeing if the ethics handles the nature of the problem. Ethics has to have an answer for all dilemmas, and then humans go out and see if it actually works more times than not. Morality is more limited, because there are cultures and people where one set of morality does not work in another. Or rather, the morality undergoes a change or adaptation as it moves from one person in culture A to another person in culture B. While the roots are the same across all cultures, the way they manifest as physical applications are not the same. North Korea testifies to the efficacy and power of centralized management, the benefits of a cult leadership, and total government owned healthcare and services (food). Cuba also manifests similar claims to fame. It's relatively easy to objectively assess the relationship of people in such environments to see if the claims meet the proof of human requirements.
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If I am living morally, then I am doing my utmost to do what I feel is right. If I am living ethically, I am doing my utmost to live by the rules society (laws) or a particular organisation has given me. There are my personal definitions.

Queena Queena
So would you find it morally acceptable for anyone to participate in slaughter and rape as long as they commit the crimes as a collective? And anyone else who disagrees can only be an immoral social deviant? Relationship is necessary to ENFORCE social conduct, not ESTABLISH moral thought. Quite simply because the majority in a social setting follow the ethical system already in place and do not go as far as to reconsider it. Without challenging contemporary thought, there is no basis upon which to establish new perspectives. As such, NO individual can be a forward thinker without first being antisocial. In view of that, ALL ethical systems are, in actuality, the handiwork of antisocial individuals. Unless those who become social recluses by choice are also raised by wolves, I do not see how they could be incapable of reasoning.
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Meagan Meagan
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Lavender Lavender
The ultimate moral/ethical system can ONLY be constructed by a person who is finally at peace with himself and the world. If a person is not at peace, whatever moral/ethical system he constructed is bound to have some amount of bias, prejudice, and discrimination. Addition: Remember that with relationship, comes favoritism.
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Joceline Joceline
I think it is possible, but that person would have to at some point gained a grand understanding of how "regular" people interact and react. Not very likely if the person has avoided other people and social activity..
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