What is wrong with me!?!?!?

What is wrong with me!?!?!? Topic: What is wrong with me!?!?!?
July 16, 2019 / By Newt
Question: I can't ever get my self to do school work, specifically homework. I hate science and am failing it cause the teacher loves to use colored pencils on everything and i can stand them cause the sound they make on paper drives me coompeltley insane! I can't use crayons cause of the paper covering, i hate feeling of that and markers make thatt noise on paper. Not only that, i can't do homework, largely because of that issue above and i can't bring my self to do it. I can't sit down and do it. I am NOT lazy, i know this for a fact, i have RC cars as a hobby and can sit there for hours fixing it or tuneing it and am very good at it, but school i can always find something better to do. It is just so boreing i can't push through, my mind wanders and just procrastinate till it is almost a month late and then i finnaly do it. i keep makeing mental descisions on not doing something. i fear i will be a failure in life if i can't get myself under control... My teachers alwasy think im lying about the paper thing and the pencil thing to get out of work, but i score low on SBA's because of the godamn cheap paper they use and how the make me use pencils... i can only use pens and i seriously feel like unching the kid next to me when im doing them, not because it is hard, but because of the sound and feeling of the paper. My Dad just calls it laziness and my mom is always on my back about grades. Then when i am serious and tell someone to get away from me cause they are useing a pencil they scratch it reall hard on the paper so ill cringe and get gosebumps... Sometimes i feel like im going to go mentally insane and just snap one day.... i get the same feeling form paper as a person does form nails on a chalk board.... Now imagine that 6 hours a day at shcool... i get the same feeling form paper as a person does form nails on a chalk board.... Now imagine that 6 hours a day at shcool...
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Kirby Kirby | 8 days ago
This is a tricky situation because parents aren't in tune with your situation and it would be difficult to say that any teachers or counselors would help. BUT - I would recommend you start with the school counselor. Tell them your situation. One thing they will examine is your grades in other classes where you are not using colored pencils. If your grades in other classes are high, yet this one in science is very low, you may have a convincing case. Otherwise, if your grades are low everywhere, for the same reason (ie homework) it would be difficult to agree with your view. One thing that might help you - call it crazy - take a colored pencil and paper, and use the pencil in a near horizontal manner. This reduces the scratchy effect and may help you overcome some of the immediate annoyances. Good luck to you.
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Kirby Originally Answered: help I am sad! I feel like I am something is going wrong in all subjects of my life. Whats wrong with me?
Your focusing on all the negatives in your life what about the positives. How about you take slow steps to be the person and do the things you want to do. So for example if you want to lose a little weight how about walking around the block and make smaller steps every week or few days and eventually youll reach your goal. Be more positive about yourself and take small steps to reach your goal. Hope the best for you.
Kirby Originally Answered: help I am sad! I feel like I am something is going wrong in all subjects of my life. Whats wrong with me?
It could be you're just having a rough time. But it kinda sound like you have depression. I've had it since I was 10 and you kinda sound like you have a lot of the symptoms. Here's what I suggest -Get outside, go see a movie with some friends. Whatever used to make you happy take 2hrs and go do it. -tell your mom or dad so you can see a doctor. Maybe he/she can prescribe an antidepressant. I hope you start to feel happier. <3

Huxley Huxley
For a moment, I thought you were using your 'crayons on paper' thing as the excuse for doing badly at school. I don't know if there is a name for this condition of being hyper-sensitive to the sound of crayon on paper, but why don't you research it on line. Perhaps you should seek medical advice. Have you tried wearing small ear plugs to cut out the higher frequencies which cause the irritation? You say that you hate science, yet you say that you are good at fixing and tuning remote controlled cars. But they require a knowledge of radio theory, servo control mechanisms, mechanics and so on, all of which are physics based!! Engineering might be a possible option for you in the future. Or maybe designing your own RC models might be possible, but you'll need maths and maybe chemistry as well. But try and sort out this crayon on paper sensitivity problem as a first step.
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Eryk Eryk
I love to use color pencils on paper...i can't even concentrate on studies without coloring my books.. It is scientifically proven that hot colors like pink,yellow etc. helps to concentrate on studies.(i like green) So it is a matter of habit... and the choice is yours. Do what will be good for u... And i think u really need a break. I'm a student of science,i like science. Try to understand and love it.. And don't think about future. Live in the moment. Try to do ur best and live happily.. God bless u...
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Eryk Originally Answered: What's wrong with me?
Well for one, you only got two hours of sleep, so that most likely has something to do with it. Also, the first day of school can be very stressful, even if you don't notice it. That's a lot of stimuli that you haven't been used to for a few months, a lot of people you are seeing again, and a lot of pressure (even if you don't feel pressured, sometimes it can be subconscious) On top of all of this, you just wanted to have fun with your friend, and to you it felt irrational that your mom would freak out on you because it wasn't your fault that you didn't get her text. You were just frustrated because she wasn't being patient and she was worried about you, you couldn't fully explain yourself, and you had an eventful day. There is nothing wrong with you, you are or were just under a lot of stress. It happens to everyone sometimes, especially when you add hormones into the mix.

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