What is wrong with me?!?

What is wrong with me?!? Topic: What is wrong with me?!?
July 16, 2019 / By Sybilla
Question: The night before last night I went to sleep naked, and then woke up with clothes on. I don't remember waking up and changing. Then last night I woke up and found a painting that I had hung above my bed across the room leaning against a chair. I don't remember that either.... Is this sleepwalking? How do I fix this? Who knows what else I've done...
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Reanna Reanna | 7 days ago
Many people have a condition that causes them to do multiple activities while they are asleep, sleep walking and talking are the most common but they range from rearranging furniture to having sex. the best thing to do if you are having these issues is see a doctor about having a sleep study done. You will spend the night in the hospital and they will monitor your brain activity immediately following REM sleep. In most people the brain stays only active enough to create what we perceive as dreams but in many people it becomes much more active in some areas than others. Most of the time these disorders are localized to a single area of the brain and are nothing more than a nuisance. your perhaps focuses on the organizational section of the brain which means you may move furniture, change cloths, or perhaps as you stated move a painting off the wall that you subconsciously don't want there. However in severe cases it can affect the area of the brain that controls anger. there have been reports of people lashing out against random people and even a few cases of murder while in this dream state. there are medications that can be prescribed that prevent these actions but its best to see a doctor first to determine if the benefits of stopping the actions outweigh the problem. If your only issue is you may organize your cabinets while you are asleep I would say its something you can live with.
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Reanna Originally Answered: am i in the wrong with my mom?
First of all, no, I don't think you're overreacting, especially since you TRIED to address the issue directly with her and she refused. Did you feel she was specifically annoyed by something liberal you said/did, or was that more just background info? To me she sounds like maybe she was having some problem generally and maxed out, so you and everybody else seemed annoying to her-- did she snap at any other family members or grocery store checkers or anything? Some people are really terrible at filtering when they're upset, and maybe it had little to do with you, and you were just the target of the moment. Unfortunate. OR in terms of disorganization, I also wonder if she has some mom guilt about "not raising you right" and teaching you to clean up or be on time or whatever she perceives as a fault. I'm the oldest of 4 girls, and often felt like my mom beamed her guilt onto us, feeling ashamed when my sister dyed her hair or one of us didn't go to church, anything like that. I've had many conversations with her about how we are SEPARATE individuals and that she doesn't have to agree with what I do, but I would ask that she respect it. When I was in college and finally off their health insurance and had paid back a small loan I had borrowed, it was so freeing to not be connected to my folks in terms of them needing to feel responsible for me. (I'm 35 now, 3 young girls of my own... and I would say relatively speaking I've always had an ok relationship with my mom, but it's certainly better since I'm an adult and we have some distance. She still disapproves of some of my choices, though! :)) It sounds like you're doing the right thing in terms of being away at school and doing your best to live up to your own responsibilities and priorities-- so it may just be that you'll have to get used to "never being good enough" and allow that to be just Mom's problem instead of it becoming your own and trying to prove anything to her. I'd write her a letter, honestly, saying many of the same things you just said above, and that you love her and miss her and hope that now as you get older you can still find ways to be together and enjoy each other's company EVEN if one of you is a liberal slob and the other a conservative neatnik, or however you want to word it, :)! Be loving, not defensive, but stand your ground. Because when it comes right down to it, you need to deal with your own messiness or your own mistakes, and you'll learn from them... and she needs to please allow you to do that. Mom-daughter relationships are just plain challenging. Find some other girls to vent with- bet many in the dorm are having the same things going on, :). Good luck to you, and hang in there. It gets better later, usually! :)
Reanna Originally Answered: am i in the wrong with my mom?
Your mom is wrong because she wanted you to go with your sister to a hair appt. instead of going to school. What's up with that??? Your were considerate to ask her to talk to you the night before and considerate to try and calm your sister down. You should be encouraged to go to school and not dissed for it. I don't get where your mom is coming from at all. Your priorities are correct and you sound like a great person. Your mom--not so much. Maybe she was really stressed but in this situation, you were right and she was out of line. I would just drop it, though. I hope she realizes what she did wrong and makes an effort to talk with you. If she's just too stressed and this gets to be a pattern then you might try to connect with an aunt or some other female family member that you can talk to about important things. Good luck!! : /

Merletta Merletta
It might be sleepwalking. If you're concerned about what else you're doing, you could set up a video camera. Sleepwalking might be caused by stress, so you should try to relax more, remove sources of stress. You could even try meditation.
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Lesley Lesley
Either your sleep walking, or someone's playing a rather mean trick on you. I'd speak with your doctor and talk about various options. Sleep walking tends to occur because of ones lifestyle (stress, bad food, poor sleep etc.). He or she can probably refer you to a specialist, and maybe a sleep research centre to get you some help. Good luck with your predicament!
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Lesley Originally Answered: Am i right?.or wrong? help please!?
Yes, but they usually give you their own topic, usually asks why you want to go there and what credentials do you have and what not. But don't worry about, yet. Although keep everything that you do which is beneficial and get documents from your teachers proving it, so when the time comes you can make your portfolio and thats needed also when applying for university. Good Luck.

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