What is your dream for your future?

What is your dream for your future? Topic: What is your dream for your future?
July 16, 2019 / By Stephany
Question: How will you attempt to fulfill this dream? I need some ideas for an english essay project. Any ideas would be of great help to me. Thanks in advance!
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Quiana Quiana | 8 days ago
To say hello to everyone on this planet. Hello everyone! Oh and to Marry you! Oh Sassy girl! You came and you bought me a chicken It tasted so good! Oh Sassy girl! You then gave me 10 points for this sooong! You thought it was cute! and also very freaky and you must be thinking what the hell does this freak want with me!
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Quiana Originally Answered: Is a dream job even possible!?
well if u want that job then don't worry about the pay check!!! Just think of what will make u happy!! I agree with u i also think a vet should be paid more!! And if u choose 2 be a vet tech i'm sure you'll get by with what you will get paid. Hope you make up ur mind love DOTTIE=)

Megan Megan
To be the best that I can be. I will attempt to fulfill this dream by working on my personality, every day of every week of every month, year by year. This will make me to be proud of what I'll have become, and, hopefully, people around me will benefit too. But for now, I'll just spend a couple more hours on Y!Answers. :))
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Lavonne Lavonne
I want to achieve my full potential as a maths teacher, marry my beautiful girlfriend and raise a family. As for how to fulfill this dream, I shall have to go to university, get myself a degree in teaching and mathematics, then arrange my wedding wherever my girlfriend wishes, then have some extreme fun with her and then I'm away.
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Jodene Jodene
To have a family of my own and become a photographer. I can see myself happy with that life. Well, I am going to a trade school to fulfill the photography part, but for the familt part, I need a girlfriend first.
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Gaila Gaila
Getting into the dental industry Im going to fulfill this dream by going to school and getting an education (:
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Deanna Deanna
i dream of being in a hot tub with seven beautiful girls - i will make this happen by staying extremely attractive.
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Deanna Originally Answered: That Dream Article?
Its lucid dreaming. Its a hit and miss thing though. All the people who studied and wrote about it could only have a lucid dream once and a while. You can do stuff to increase the chances of having a lucid dream, but there is no surefire way to train your brain. A lucid dream happens when the dreamer realizes he or she is dreaming, this makes the lucid dream. The hard part is controlling your excitement and not slipping out of lucidity. The next part is learning how to get dream control, this is not easy since I have only read about one person doing it once, and then theorizing the possibilities. So the basics steps. Attain lucidity, stay lucid, and practice. I had a my lucid dream, I realized in a dream something was happening that can't happen in real life. So I awoke in the dream, I got exited, but realized that this will cause me to wake up, so I calmed myself down. I slipped out of my lucid dream almost as fast as I got in it though. There is a lot of reading material out there, I have read most because I did a research paper on it. Just Google it and read some. Many will offer advice on how to attain lucidity and dream control. Just don't buy anything.

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