What is your opinion on legalizing and taxing marijuana?

What is your opinion on legalizing and taxing marijuana? Topic: What is your opinion on legalizing and taxing marijuana?
June 18, 2019 / By Ashleigh
Question: I am currently writing an argumentative research paper for my English class and I was just curious to see what both sides of the argument have to offer.
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Zephaniah Zephaniah | 1 day ago
I just wrote a paper on the issue this semester. I am absolutely convinced it should be legalized. The economic and social benefits are to great to not legalize it. The propaganda the govt feeds its citizens is complete bull ****. The fact that alcohol and cigarettes are legalized and marijuana isn't is very hypocritical. Alcohol and cigarettes are far more dangerous, more addictive drugs. American and Canadian citizens have just come to accept the information the govt is feeding them, and most have know idea that nicotine, alcohol and caffeine are more harmful, and have worse effects on society than marijuana. Marijuana should be regulated similarly to alcohol. Cannabis is the number 1 cash crop in the country, and legalizing and regulating its distribution would have great economical benefits to the country. Currently, prohibition of marijuana is an enormous problem in the US. thousands of responsible users of the herb are arrested from small, personal possession a year. The cost to the state for arresting and jailing users is ridiculous, as well as the fact it goes on there criminal record. legalizing it would save us billions of dollars, and would let law enforcers focus on more important issues. Don't believe the propaganda the US govt is throwing at you, here are some proven facts on the drug: - marijuana is not a physically addictive drug - there is no with drawl from using marijuana - there are no deaths caused from OD or use of marijuana - marijuana does not kill brain cells, like alcohol - marijuana does not make you "lose control" and aggressive - marijuana does not lead to psychological disorders such as schizophrenia - yes, like all drugs it does have some adverse affects. However, If used responsibly it is a completely safe drug and everyone should have the right to enjoy it. toke responsibly
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Zephaniah Originally Answered: Legalizing marijuana in California?
If marijuana was legalized in California, it would generate a lot of revenue no doubt. It would be easier to get different strains of marijuana and you wouldn't have to go through shady dealers who are in some way linked to the Mexican drug trade that kills thousands of people a year. One reason I'm holding off on weed for right now is because I don't want to support those Mexican drug cartels in the South. I'm thinking about growing my own. If weed was legalized in California, it would be taxed and most likely sold to people over 21 years of age, so it depends. Rach, you are a very ignorant person. You actually made me laugh, good job. You think you're holier-than-thou just because you don't do drugs? Do you know the history of marijuana laws? The only reason this country made marijuana illegal is because they were afraid. Henry J. Anslinger, head of the DEA in 1937 worked together with William Randolph Hearst the sensationalist to create news stories that would shock people and put public support behind marijuana prohibition. They said things such as "marijuana makes darkies think they are as good as the white man" or "marijuana will make you kill your own brother". Both of those are not true, but in a state of panic, people will trust anyone and anything and then, marijuana was made illegal. Since marijuana prohibition, there have been 2 million arrests and people caught with possession of marijuana make up 30 percent of the prison-industry complex. Virtually, if weed was made legal, the jail system would lose much of it's revenue. You know alcohol is a drug too, correct? Alcohol is a depressant. Alcohol kills thousands of people a year and has a high rate of physical and mental dependency when someone is trying to get off of alcohol. Marijuana has not killed a single person in history. Two of the Founding Fathers, George Washington & Thomas Jefferson grew marijuana along with their tobacco plants. George Washington proclaimed "make the most of the hemp seed, sow it everywhere." What do we do? Make it illegal. Trust me, if the Founding Fathers wanted marijuana illegal, it would be in the Constitution. Speaking of hemp, marijuana doesn't just have to be used for smoking. The stalk of the plant can be used to make paper. This form of paper uses much less chemicals than trying to process tree wood and would save millions of trees. If anyone is stupid, it's the people who don't open their eyes and realize that marijuana reform is here and people want it legalized. The stupid people are the Congressmen who don't recognize what potential it has for business and spurring the economy. Rach, you have no right to call marijuana smokers weaklings. I'm pretty sure you don't go up to alcoholics and say that. . People like her are blinded, ignorant, will take whatever the powers that be feed them, and not search for their own. Well, it would be pretty stupid to legalize murder now wouldn't it, because the entire human race would die and people would kill others just for fun. Murder wouldn't help a free market economy at all because no one would be around to reap the benefits. Marijuana has never killed anyone ever. Just drawing a parallel between legalizing marijuana - a plant, and legalizing murder - the intentional taking of another's life is just a ridiculous and idiotic argument. Just the fact that you said that shows that you have NO IDEA of what you are talking about. If you don't like weed, that's fine. Don't smoke it. Don't even talk about it. One less person to deal with. You don't need to criticize other's life choices and act holier-than-thou. Get off of your high horse and get down to reality. THC does not cause your neurotransmitters to die, or else the brain would not be able to send messages to other parts of the body, thus resulting in death, and marijuana has had no recorded deaths. EDIT: To the person below me... You got that off of above-the-influence, right? Guess what that's sponsored by? The U.S. government. The same people that made marijuana illegal. Kind of a biased view, isn't it? The only natural chemical found in weed is THC. So many people that smoke weed smoke cigarettes too, so we can't know for sure if weed causes cancer or not unless we studied a person that EXCLUSIVELY smokes marijuana. Also, marijuana does not cause brain damage. Of course, if you smoke it EVERYDAY twice a day, you're going to have THC overload. That's with anything. You drink everyday, you're going to become an alcoholic, smoke cigarretes everyday, you become a nicotine junkie. Alcohol is the one that's really bad for you, that ***** you up worse than weird. good hunting, affliction

Skylar Skylar
I'm 100% pro-legalization of weed. I don't use it myself, but I don't use booze or cigarettes either. BUT I don't care if YOU use any of this stuff. Frankly - it's none of my business. Marijuana can be strange and strong stuff - it was too strong for me - but all the stupid fascist lies they've told about marijuana are so STUPID. Remember that program that went around to the schools - called marijuana a "gateway drug". That apparently served as an argument to the far right. We have a sort of Nancy Reagan country - very simple minded - Just Say No... And maybe it's time that we actually grew up. Now with Obama perhaps thought processes will actually happen in government.
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Ormerod Ormerod
Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. Also, the US spends BILLIONS on the drug war that could be used in education, the war on terror, economic stimulus and if we could tax it as heavily as cigarettes are taxed over time we might be able to get out of some of this debt!
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Leigh Leigh
My opinion: 1. Marijuana is illegal it should stay that way. 2. It hurts you both mentally and physically. 3. You lose control of yourself and can hurt yourself or others. 4. You should only be allowed to have it if it is prescribed by a doctor and is absolutely needed. Cheers!
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Leigh Originally Answered: Legalizing marijuana question?
i have to agree that it should be legalized and right now.Drank until I turned 21,stopped and do not miss it.I'm 62 and still occasionally take a hit,Have and am doing just fine in my life.Never been to jail and raised some good kids who are now adults. Have seen the results of criminalization and can't find any good that ever came out of it and am old enough to have seen the end result of prohibition and that sure didn't solve anything.In fact we had to deal with mafioso and now Mexican drug gangs.Funny that we hear about CAMP busting so called huge pot fields but all most no news on busting illegal chemical drugs,especially Meth.Government spends more money on eradicating pot,more than all of the illegal chemical drugs combined.Research William Randolf Hearst and his campaign using his media power to ban marijuana,why?because he wanted to get more work out of his mexican workers who's cultural tradition was to toke up and take a siesta during hot part of day.talk about asinine reasoning. California has a bill in front of house listed as bill 390,it taxes and regulates marijuana same as liquor,think it's about time. Just imagine how much money would be saved from enforcement and prison not to mention cutting down reason for Mexican drug lords to smuggle an inferior product into US,domestic is much better.

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