What is/was your favourite subject(s) in school? BQ?

What is/was your favourite subject(s) in school? BQ? Topic: What is/was your favourite subject(s) in school? BQ?
July 16, 2019 / By Velma
Question: Mine's history, + study of the English Language ;D (no, it's not learning English LOL) BQ: Leave your sun/moon/mercury signs Libra sun Aries moon Libra mercury Beth! AS right? I'm writing a gig review for mine :3 And I can't stand the Biology we do -.- it's very biochemical - it makes me want to kill myself Beth: LOL we weren't advised to do creative writing cuz it's too subjective, but if we were encouraged to I definitely would have too; it's so easy to just write off the top of my head. And tell me about it -.-' we covered that in GCSE, and now it's about this chemistry crap! I dropped chemistry for a reason D:
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Best Answers: What is/was your favourite subject(s) in school? BQ?

Selma Selma | 4 days ago
ENGLISH LANGUAGE! YES! :D I'm currently writing a short story for my coursework :D So good! Um, probably also Philosophy. I like arguing about ethical things, like abortion and animal cruelty. Biology is good too, but only when it focuses on animal behaviour. edit: yep AS! haha :') Ooh, gig review, very nice :D I just looove creative writing, so I thought it'd be pretty awesome to write a fantasy story! And yeah, we're doing biochemistry atm -_- I honestly don't care what pH enzymes work best at!
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Selma Originally Answered: What's your favourite and least favourite school subject?
well i hate science the most! and im not sure at the moment of my favourite subject. Our art teacher makes art like its the most important subject, while in reality its not so since i have had her i have disliked art.. I do find some history interesting (mainly the rising and revoloutions...) oh wait probably computers :D :L

Ohndria Ohndria
I've great love for science esp biology and psychology.. and among language i've to say it is english :) Aqua sun Aries moon Aqua mercury
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Madisyn Madisyn
P.E. Sooo many hot girls...and that one i used to spank named kat ;) aries sun gemini moon aries mercury
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Kenzie Kenzie
Science, particularly Astronomy. A close second is History and Social Studies. Capricorn Sun & Mercury, in the 8th house Aries Moon, in the 10th house
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Izzy Izzy
It was Philosophy, English Literature and Psychology. But I'm Doing Philosophy now. So thinking very hard and debating. I'm doing a degree in it. Gemini sun Aries moon Gemini mercury
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Izzy Originally Answered: What was your favourite time at school this year? Paragraph please?
My favorite time at school was when I tripped Chelsea in the cafeteria. She landed face first into her tray full of food. I acted like I was going to help her up, but instead I poured my drink down her pants. It looked like she peed herself, and everyone made fun of her for a long time. I still call her tray-face to this day.

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