What movie should I watch tonight?

What movie should I watch tonight? Topic: What movie should I watch tonight?
June 26, 2019 / By Stevie
Question: Here are a list of movies on my imdb watchist that I haven't seen or seen in it's entirety yet: 1. Mad Max sequels 2. A Serious Man 3. Schindler's List (may be upsetting because i am jewish, but i don't practice anymore) 4. Forest Gump (i have seen some of it on television) 5. Jaws 6. LA Confidential 7. Dr Stangelove 8. The King of Comedy 9. The Aviator 10. The Patriot 11. Shaun of the Dead 12. Sin City 13. Superman II 14. Army of Darkness 15. Die Hard 4.0 16. Deer Hunter (I have seen the first half) 17. The Last Temptation of Christ (i am not christian or religious btw) 18. Black Swan 19. Amadeus (i don't listen 2 classical music) 20. Rain Man 21. Patton 22. The Talented Mr. Ripley 23. Minority Report 24. Catch Me If You Can 25. A History of Violence 26. Raising Arizona 27. Blue Velvet 28. American Beauty 29. American Gangster 30. Fatal Attraction 31. Training Day 32. Up in the Air 33. Inside Man 34. Boiled Room 35. The Player 36. Requiem for a Dream 37. The Truman Show 38. City of God 39. Slumdog Millionaire (i saw most of it a year ago) 40. High Fidelity 41. Lethal Weapon 1-4 42. Election 43. The Goonies 44. The Breakfast Club 45. Leon: The Professional 46. Ferris Bueller's Day Off 47. Awakenings 48. Apollo 13 49. V for Vendetta 50. Mulholland Drive 51. The Graduate 52. Psycho 53. Vertigo 54. What's Eating Gilbert Grape 55. Blue Valentine 56. The People vs Larry Flynnt 57. My Left Foot 58. Last of the Mohicans 59. Mean Streets 60. Once Upon A Time In America 61. Angel Heart 62. Marathon Man 63. Lenny 64. Papillon 65. Easy Rider 66. Dirty Harry sequels 67. Five Easy Pieces 68. First two movies in the Dollar Trilogy 69. Cool Hand Luke 70. Citizen Kane 71. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 72. Spartacus 73. The Color Purple 74. Barton Fink 75. American Graffiti 76. Out of Sight 77. Trainspotting 78. Get Carter 79. Risky Business 80. Fear and Loating In Las Vegas 81. Grosse Point Blank 82. Enduring Love 83. Clerks 84. The Passenger 85. Rushmore 86. The Bridge on the River Kwai 87. Badlands 88. Pan's Labyrinth 89. The Color of Money 90. The Hustler 91. The Thin Red Line 92. The Apartment 93. Once Upon A Time In The West 94. Network 95. Lost In Translation 96. Chinatown 97. Almost Famous 98. Brazil 99. Oldboy 100. Lawrence of Arabia 101. Magnolia 102. There Will Be Blood 103. Zodiac 104. Ben-Hur 105. American Splendor 106. Deliverance 107. The Last Emperor 108. The Killing Fields 109. Terms of Endearment 110. Prizzi's Honor 111. The Big Chill 112. Ghandi 113. The Verdict 114. Chariots of Fire 115. Ordinary People 116. Kramer vs Kramer 117. Midnight Express 118. Carlito's Way 119. The Sting 120. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 121. Cinderella Man 122. Master and Commander 123. Sweeney Todd 124. Sexy Beast 125. Blood Diamond 126. A Few Good Men I will let you make fun of me for my poor taste in movies, but I lost my passion for movies quite a while ago. Most of they movies were recommended to me by my older brother, who is a huge movie fan. BQ2: What movies do u recommend I watch? I am planning to watch A Few Good Men today (June 20th, 2011)
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Quilla Quilla | 1 day ago
I would recommend any of these: Forest Gump (a classic!) Shaun of the Dead (great movie! funny and "scary" at the same time) Requiem for a Dream (a wild movie) The Goonies (awesome 80s-ness! one of my favorite movies!) The Breakfast Club (another awesome 80s movie) Ferris Bueller's Day Off (again, another awesome 80s movie) Psycho (watch the original, not the remake -- although I did like the remake too) What's Eating Gilbert Grape (great movie) The Color Purple (tear jerker) Clerks (awesome!) Rushmore (more awesome!) Almost Famous (one of the best movies about a rock band out there) Brazil (love this movie!) Zodiac (one of my favorite movies about a serial killer...it's suspenseful and full of drama) Ghandi (long, but a great movie) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (another wild movie...can be a little confusing, but it's a good movie) Sweeney Todd (love it!)
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Melanie Melanie
that is a long list. Being that you mentioned you are Jewish, Schindler's List is a must see... but if you watch A Serious Man you will get the humor in it. A Few Good Men ??? How have you not seen that movie! I would suggest that or Catch Me If You Can, which is based on a true story, very fun and entertaining.
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Lea Lea
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Jody Jody
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Garnet Garnet
Holy crap you have GOT to see Forest Gump. Best movie ever. Its a movie that everyone needs to experience, it basically gives you the meaning of life behind Forest's simplistic mind. Other then that, I just finished watching The Patriot for the first time this past hour; incredibly good movie as well. There are lots of twists and drama in it, blood and gore as well but its very, very good.
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