What organization would have copies of copies of any New Testament writings,and,why?

What organization would have copies of copies of any New Testament writings,and,why? Topic: What organization would have copies of copies of any New Testament writings,and,why?
June 19, 2019 / By Tracee
Question: According to a web site by a Texas pastor,Dr. Mark Roberts on markroberts.com,original first century gospel writings regarding the four gospels were probably very worn out from overuse,destroyed,or,eaten by animals because of the kind of papyrus that they were written on,so,they were all continuously recopied,and supposedly considered reliable. If they were destroyed by fire or anything else,why?What was so hard about preserving them? Once again,this is ironic,considering that the writings of the Nag Hammadi Library were preserved until their accidental discovery in 1945. Is God trying to tell us something?
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Sabryna Sabryna | 2 days ago
We have today in our possession 5,300 known Greek manuscripts of the New Testament, another 10,000 Latin Vulgates, and 9,300 other early versions (MSS), giving us more than 24,000 manuscript copies of portions of the New Testament in existence today! http://debate.org.uk/topics/history/bib-qur/bibmanu.htm This is hardly comparable to a mere fifty texts of the Nag Hammadi: http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/nhl.html Furthermore, there is no evidence whatsoever that any of the texts of the Nag Hammadi were ever considered Canon by any biblical scholarly group. Though we do not have any biblical originals, with such a wealth of documentation at our disposal with which to compare, we can delineate quite closely what those originals contained. God has promised in both the Old and New Testaments to preserve his word, and he has done that. Copies of copies are all we have, and that does not matter and should not concern us since it doesn't concern God. The Vatican and the British Museum, together with several renowned Museums throughout the world have treasured ancient manuscripts of various books of the bible. Using technology, God is still revealing his word to us today. If you'd like to see and read the Oldest known complete New Testament, it is available for viewing online: http://codexsinaiticus.org/en/ Just how much value does God put on the originals? To get the answer we must explore several chapters in the book of Jeremiah beginning with the famous passage in chapter 36 concerning the roll that Jeremiah had written. In verse 21 the roll is brought before King Jehoiakim and read by his servant Jehudi. According to verse 23 Jehudi read three or four leaves and King Jehoiakim cut it up with a penknife and cast it into the fire on the hearth until it was destroyed. Thus ends ORIGINAL #1 ! Then the Lord moved Jeremiah to rewrite the roll adding some words to it. (Jeremiah 36:32) Thus ORIGINAL #2 is born. We are shown the text of this second original in Jeremiah 45-51 where it is reproduced for our benefit. Jeremiah told Seraiah to read this roll when he came into Babylon. (Jeremiah 51:59-61) Then Jeremiah instructed Seraiah, after he finished reading the roll, to bind a stone to it and cast it into the Euphrates river (Jeremiah 51:63)! Thus ends ORIGINAL #2! But wait! We have a copy of the text of the roll in chapters 45-51. Where did it come from? It came from a copy of original #2 which we can only call ORIGINAL #3! So there are two very big problems for those who overemphasize the "originals". (1) Every Bible ever printed with a copy of Jeremiah in it has a text in chapters 45-51 which is translated from a copy of the "second" original, or ORIGINAL #3. (2) Secondly, NO ONE can overlook the fact that God didn't have the least bit of interest in preserving the "original" once it had been copied and its message delivered. So WHY should we put more of an emphasis on the originals than God does? An emphasis which is plainly unscriptural. Thus, since we have the text of the "originals" preserved in the King James Bible we have no need of the originals,even if they were available. Furthermore, the accuracy of the KJV has been affirmed by the Dead Sea Scrolls: http://www.centuryone.com/25dssfacts.html (See fact #20). I am not familiar with Dr.Mark Roberts, but if he is criticizing the textual evidence of what we call the Bible, he has his homework cut out for him, and quite literally, a world of scholarly and manuscript evidence to overcome. I further notice that you do not POST his website so that others may substantiate or refute his claims. In Christ, John the Baptist
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Sabryna Originally Answered: Ideas For Your Writings, screenwriters?
If you are a creative person there is no easy way to answer this my friend. everyone works different. here are a few things that I have tried. I have the worse memory and ideas pop into my head at the wrong time..in the bathroom , in traffic. 1. Start carrying out a tape recorder or a pad and pen-this will help you jot down things as they come to you 2. get out of your comfort zone and do something you normally don't do, take a hike, gho to a museum, trust inspiration comes from some weird places. 3. Go to your library and read up on the subject Syd Field would be a good place to styart. 4. Go to the bookstore, Borders and Barne and Noble carry "Creative Screenwriting" , "Fade In" and "Script" magazines 5. Watch a ton of movies-to see what works on screen 6. Write what you know, start simple..write about somethn happened to you..possibly a childhood story, your first bike, an incident at a bar. No matter how stupid it may sound just start writing. You have to develop tempo! 7. Listen to your favorite "mood" music, whatever it may be... I recently got into photography and found that I take better pictures with my ipod on and the right kind of music playing... Google screenwriting and you will find endless articles...good luck!

Nettie Nettie
You do, of course, realize that Gnosticism came after the synoptic gospels are written right? Plus, we really have no idea what happened to the original first century gospel writings. But remember that the Christians are a persecuted sect at the time of the writing. They had no special libraries to put their precious writings in. In any case, recopying had always been a very honored, common, and rigorously regulated practice in the Jewish tradition. For that, the historical texts that make up the Bible are likely more accurate to the originals than many classical books that we hold as authoritative. But, that doesn't tell us anything about the content, blah blah blah.
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Lunet Lunet
The Gospel writers, clearly Greeks themselves, have Jesus quoting the Greek Old testament along with errors, such as translating "young woman" as "virgin." Of course this wasn't the only cause of the Greeks and Romans turning Jesus into a demigod. All of their heroes and great ones were fathered by Zeus or Apollo or Poseidon, so Jesus had to be the mating of a god and woman too, like Achilles, Heracles, etc. That said, claims that the Bible has been wildly altered are just false. Bible scholars, which of course wouldn't include fundamentalists, know all the redactions and errors, and mostly they don't make a difference, with some exceptions, like the virgin birth. One really good piece, the "woman taken in sin" appears in none of the early manuscripts whatever, and Mark 16:9 and following is also a late edition. Of coure the question in my mind is let's say, since you're a Christian, that we absolutely knew that the Q'uran in Arabic is word for word as Mohammed wrote it. And let's say for argument that it really was dictated to him by an angelic being who identified himself as Gabriel. I'd bet dollars to donuts that you would say, "It was Satan masquerading!" And you would still reject it as a false revelation. The Bible is no different. We know Moses did not write the Peneteuch. His character is based on the Babylonian tale of Sargon the Great. But even if Moses were not made up, should we really believe everything a burning bush told him? I mean be serious for a minute and ask yourself how that's any different from a UFO nut telling you the Urantians gave them a book to save humanity?
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Kaylee Kaylee
The Roman Catholic Church would have copies of the Latin Vulgate along with some other Ancient Codexs --such as Vaticanus (325-350 A.D.), Sinaiticus (340-350 A.D.) Ephraemi Rescriptus (400-500 A.D.), Alexandrinus (450-500 A.D.), Bezae Cantabrigiensis (450-550 A.D), Claromontanus (sixth century)-- which are in the Vatican Library.
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Hortense Hortense
Probably the Vatican being that the Catholic Church is the one that compiled the New Testament in the first place.
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Hortense Originally Answered: Should I read the Old Testament first?
Please follow Abigail's advice. As she points out, there are a few minor variances between the "Jewish" and "Christian" versions of the Old Testament (Tanakh). The Christian translators had greek translations that the Jews had already compiled as well as Hebrew versions to work with when they wrote theirs. You will find some differences in the organization of the books, but you should not find much difference in the concepts and wording of the books themselves. That being said, if you are going from a Children's version to the full Bible you are going to be assimilating a lot more information. It is best to read, as Abigail points out, the first five books (Torah) so you have a basic background on what the New Testament is really talking about. The following link will help guide you thru a study of the Bible and get a good understanding on what is actually taking place. http://www.ucg.org/bible-study/bible-study-lessons.htm Edit: Most Jews, due to their rejection of the Messiah, do not understand thier own scriptures, nor do they understand the New Testament. It takes both the Old and the New to properly understand what the Almighty is doing today.

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