What should be the title for my story?

What should be the title for my story? Topic: What should be the title for my story?
June 18, 2019 / By Alex
Question: I'm writing a story about a girl named Natalie Higgins and she's adventurous and kind of naughty. For example, in the beginning, she's supposed to go to a field trip for the "gifted" kids to a science fair. She hates science so she stays at home and runs around in her backyard. I hope you can think of something. It DOES NOT have to use the words "Natalie Higgins". Thank you so much for your help!
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Tucson Tucson | 8 days ago
I agree with Miss Posh in many respects. Often, the title will come out of what I've already written. That being said, sometimes having a working title gets the creative juices flowing. So, I'll throw out some to help get your thought process going... this is just on free float. Try it yourself and see what you come up with. Naughty and Nice The Adventures of Natalie Natalie goes AWOL Not for Natalie Gifts and Groans You Can't Make Me! Who Says I Can't? Hope this helps...
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Tucson Originally Answered: Help with Title and Plot to this story I have been writing.?
it sounds like the ideas you've got are a little bit jumbled up together, and that is effecting your story. for example, though it's not a very strong example, if they're of european descent, give them a specific country of origin, and be more creative with names. the story also seems a little bit dry in the sense that it's a bit unoriginal. that's a lot to ask for i understand, but try to create a level of personal info per each character, and related that to their contacting each other and building relationships

Rich Rich
Whenever anyone is writing a story the actual writing is their main priority not the title because it's also easier to make up the title after you've written the story.
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Menahem Menahem
Once you've written the story, either find a catchy sentence or something meaningful that the story is about.
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Jonah Jonah
A good idea will be to finish the story, then find a sentence or phrase that you like. However, if you still want some title ideas. . . RUNNING ON GIFTS SCIENCE LABELS, TABLES, AND FABLES OF HIGGINS Good luck.
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Jonah Originally Answered: A creative title for a story Im writing?
i adore English, im 12 and i love it, I would love to study law , and i love books too! i instantly had an idea, 'caught in the moment' seeing as she is caught with feelings for dex and ryan and she catches an idea, it possibly seems shes caught in the wrong moment. I would deffi read thsi book, and it seems amazing, ! hope you call your book my title, jaz-xo

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