What should i do about my homework?

What should i do about my homework? Topic: What should i do about my homework?
June 24, 2019 / By Afrika
Question: well I have 5 questions that were assigned for homework yesterday, and the problem is i have looked over them, and i have absolutley no idea how to do them i have tryed but cannot figure it out. Ok so the class i cant figure these questions out for is physics i have physics 3rd class so i would be able to ask him to help me in the morning. I am just so worried i dont know what to do should i just quit trying these physics questinos because i have been rereading the questions for 40 minutes and just have no clue what to do. My first class is bioligy, and i probly would be able to bring my physics there, and work on it there if required, but im worried i wont have enough time, or that it will take to long for my physics teacher to explain everything to me. So i guess i may as well ask what you would do. Thanks for your feedback
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Thutmosis Thutmosis | 6 days ago
I don't suggest doing physics homework in a class other than physics. If you have something that resembles a study hall, then do it there. The idea of classes is to learn the subject being presented at the time. If you're doing physics in biology class, you're missing the biology information. Additionally, it's rude to the biology teacher because your actions would be stating the material he (or she) is presenting is not important. What do you think about asking your physics teacher for help during lunch (if the time frame matches). Yes, it will be for a short time, but you wouldn't be going to school early and you wouldn't be staying late. Is there a possibility you could stay about an hour or so after school? Would you be able to get home? If so, would you consider asking your physics teacher for help after school? What about another student in your class? swap phone numbers and discuss your issues over the phone (or set up a time to meet)? A student who has the same physics teacher, but at another time during the day? Maybe your teacher will be willing to set up a meeting? What about some physics homework related websites? Are you in a position to get to school early? If so, are you willing to request help from your teacher? If you have time to speak with your teacher, I suggest you contact the teacher first. If meeting your physics teacher is a problem, perhaps asking a chemistry teacher for help may be a possibility. There are similarities between the 2. However, I don't suggest this until trying to meet with your physics teacher first, then perhaps keeping your questions to the chemistry teacher to a minimum.
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Thutmosis Originally Answered: THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK! God people, you accused me of asking answers from homework when it really isn't! HELP!
"Blueprint" is the only compound word here. There aren't any others. "Needless" isn't a compound word, because "-less" is a suffix here, not the word "less". "Increase" is not a compound word, because it's not using the words "in" or "crease". Words with a prefix or suffix are: disagreement boasted needless eastern feelings beaten glued
Thutmosis Originally Answered: THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK! God people, you accused me of asking answers from homework when it really isn't! HELP!
The three compounds are: blueprint needless disagreement But they aren't all really compounds... just the words closest to compounds i guess... because compounds are made up of 2 words that can be put together to form one. And the ones with prefixes are: disagreement increase With suffixes are: disagreement needless maybe eastern

Radcliff Radcliff
I would try to look up the physics questions online and find out as much as you can about the questions so that when you go to ask your teacher, it looks like you tried and put in some effort and you have a place to start from so you kind of know where you went wrong. You can even ask the questions on yahoo answers..people can help you ad give you some information. I would not leave it for tomorrow because you never know if you'll have enough time and it is better to do it now while you have the resources.
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Manny Manny
-If you've got friends either in 1st or 2nd class that can help you that would be good if your teacher doesn't have enough time to explain them all to you. -You could try posting one of your questions here (I'd suggest in the Science & Mathematics category since it's a higher level of science) -You could try WolframAlpha.com I hope this helps!
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Manny Originally Answered: My mom still checks my homework? Do you check your kid's homework?
So long as you're getting good grades, I don't see a reason to check your homework. If you're in AP classes I imagine you're college bound. Mom's not going to be there to stand over you then. She ought to let you try to manage your own academic affairs now. That way, if there's a problem, she can help correct it (ala the re-reading nonsense) before you're on own.

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