what should i do to prepare for a possible studying opportunity in US?

what should i do to prepare for a possible studying opportunity in US? Topic: what should i do to prepare for a possible studying opportunity in US?
June 27, 2019 / By Alis
Question: as a junior student majoring in management science in one of top univerisities in China, i'm planning to go for a master degree in US after graduation. But besides GRE and TOEFL, many of my friends think i should prepare more, such as doing some research with professors and have paper published. some even suggest contacting directily with professors in the American colleges. I'm a little confused now and i don't want to put my effort in the wrong direction because i'm so busy. can any buddy give me some advices on what i should do to gain more advantages for my possible future studying chance? what do American professors pay attention to when they select overseas students?
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Ulric Ulric | 4 days ago
Those are all important considerations - but the most important thing that gets overlooked by many is that they don't prepare to have enough funding for an education here in the United States. Things for a student can get very expensive and I would make sure you have the required capital in order to pay for an American College education first. Good Luck!!!
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Ulric Originally Answered: Do this opportunity sounds like legit or a scam?
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Ulric Originally Answered: Do this opportunity sounds like legit or a scam?
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Rio Rio
Most professors look at the students interest in the materials. If you are truley interested and enjoy the material the professors can tell. Like the fellow before said American Universities are very expensive. I can tell you that as I am getting many student loans!
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Mesech Mesech
do not spend too lots time on the pubs and overlook your examine. additionally, do not spend too lots time examining which you omit the cultural journey. attempt to befriend human beings from different worldwide places. do not basically carry out with different human beings as a results of fact it somewhat is mushy. On some weekends, attempt to take a bus or practice journey for an afternoon out to make certain the country. do not wait till the top of the college term to make certain the land. the top of the semester would be busier than the initiating of the semester.
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