What should I name my main character?

What should I name my main character? Topic: What should I name my main character?
June 24, 2019 / By Abiah
Question: First of all she's French and was born and raised in Canada. She's tall, has brown eyes, long curly (permed) blonde hair. Her skin is a bit tanned. She's a little bit lazy and didn't study too well and she just barely passed her exams to get her degree. Her hobbies are gardening, knitting, partying and hanging out with friends. She's half outgoing and half introverted before the start of the story, but then gets really introverted after her parents' murder. A man was convicted and jailed but motive was never uncovered. The cops concluded he was simply a maniac who murdered for kicks and closed the case. She reunites with the rest of her family back in France but always kept to herself. Later after she discovers deeper motives behind her parents murder and that the boyfriend of her cousin may be involved. She then worries over her family's safety and becomes a very impulsive and angry woman who will do anything to find out who was behind the crime and expose everyone involved.
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Stew Stew | 5 days ago
Here are a few French names: Adeline Aurore Brigette Cecile Celeste Clemence Corrine Irene Liliane Lucinde Maelle Maelys Monique Noelle Renee Rosemonde Suzette Tatienne Yvonne Hope this helps! Good luck with your story. =)
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Stew Originally Answered: What name do you like best for a main character?
Kennedi- She sounds kinda like she'd be tough, but not like overly boyish. A real Daddy's girl. She likes to play sports and hang out with guys but she loves shopping too. Kind of a wild child sometimes. I think she'd have dark hair, kinda long, but not always perfectly done. Bright eyes. Very independent and outgoing. Luke- Sounds like he'd be popular. Kinda of a pretty boy, but doesn't necessarily enjoy all the attention. Light brown hair with pale blue eyes. A Closet nerd if you will.

Paisley Paisley
Simple maniac, Case closed. This won't work. Think like this. Oh were sorry your family was murdered but it was a simple maniac we have to close the case. Flesh this out. Try Psycho killer never found this one goes to the Cold Case files.
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Linford Linford
Brigette The meaning of the name Brigette is Exalted, Lofty The origin of the name Brigette is French Alternate spellings: Bridgette Julie The meaning of the name Julie is Youthful, Downy The origin of the name Julie is French Notes: Diminutive form of Julia
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Jarred Jarred
amelia alice aimee bernadette dawn kathleen cecilia audrey florence gabrielle emilie genevieve henrietta isabel inez marie renee sabine theresa valentine
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Jarred Originally Answered: Do you like the main character in my story?
His name sounds fairly original, though something about it doesn't seem to fit his character. He needs an artistic name, in my opinion, to fit his job and personality. Maybe something like - Vincent, Wesley, Weston, Arthur, or Peter. But that's my opinion. If you like the name, there's nothing wrong with it. To me, he seems like he's borderline nerd or awesome creative dude. That's interesting. He sounds like he'd be a cool guy to know and the character in total is definitely unique. My only concern is that he's TOO complex or cliche. Most characters nowadays have come from an abusive or sorrowful past. I know a lot of people have drama in their lives and it helps build them up to where they are today, but it seems a little cliche to me. I can't blame you though. My novel starts with a girl's parents getting divorced. You can't get much more cliche than that! (luckily though, my story isn't about her parents or her problems) The bit about the OCD could either be humorous in that he's always performing these little weird rituals such as locking his door, or it could be annoying and overdone. (unneeded) it depends on how you use it in your story, really. If you only use it for a small moment, it's unneeded. If you use it too much, it takes over. See what I mean? So to sum it up, Zach seems a little on the complex side, but he comes off very interesting and I would like to know how you're going to use him in a story. Hope I've helped.

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