What should I say to my friends when they ask to COPY MY HOMEWORK?

What should I say to my friends when they ask to COPY MY HOMEWORK? Topic: What should I say to my friends when they ask to COPY MY HOMEWORK?
June 24, 2019 / By Abnar
Question: I'm really sick of all my friends asking for the homework every day in school. Every day I hear, "Can I get the homework?" Most of them don't even talk to me anymore as if they want to know how my day was or "How r u?" I'm trying to get straight A's in my classes and they just come in and copy the work. What do I say to most of my friends when they ask for the homework?
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Skylar Skylar | 6 days ago
Well, I've had friends who suffered under the same thing - and either you tell your friends you can't because you haven't completely finished it, or it's a bunch of BS on it; or tell them that they won't learn anything from the class if they keep copying, well because they won't - and that leads to a low grade. Encourage them to either do their homework more often or do a homework group where they'll be forced to do their homework :)
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Skylar Originally Answered: How can I say no when somebody asks to copy my homework?
If they have tried but still having a hard time then you can help them. God help those who help themselves, and we should too. But there are those few out there who would rather not do any work at all and instead try to win using other peoples work. So judge wisely and help those who are actually trying. However, you're not doing them any good by allowing them to copy your work; this kind of behaviour that you're contributing to may have a negative impact on their work ethic later on in life. I understand you're being nice but that's not the way to go about it. There is a fine difference between being nice and being feeble. You can be nice and still have a book-bone; you don't have to be disrespectful and you still say no by indirectly saying "no". There are plenty of ways to say no, such as "some other time", "Sorry I can't help you today, I don't want this to become a habbit" or "I'm sorry but I don't wanna risk you getting zero by letting you copy my work". If they insist, just repeat yourself. With that said, friends and class mates should not and cannot not like you because of what you can do for their grades. You cannot let people love you, or else that is not genuine love. You need to grow some balls and start saying no respectfully.They don't have to be as smart as you to succeed, with hard work and practice they too can score well! There are 3 types of communication behaviour, and they are: assertive, aggressive and submissive. Right now you are being submissive. By learning to say no politely and doing the things necessary to prevent people from taking advantage of you, you will have fallen in to the assertive area, which is the best type of communication.

Pippa Pippa
wel, its so hard to be franky enough bec. you may not know... instead you want to help them to stand up with their own,, not just that they are always pretend by... i think they wil mis interpret it.... wel, i think talk them slowly and explain what could be the effect someday when you left at them....and try to avoid hurting their feelins... i think get slowly...try to feel that they can do also what you can is they can do also...
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Mathilda Mathilda
you should just tell them that its not cool for them to copy you hmwk. just tell them straight up, besides, if they act like they don't care how ur are doing and stuff like that then why even care for them. good luck!
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Lari Lari
you could say that you had a hard time with it and you think the answers are all wrong ,or say sure for 10 bucks
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Jerusha Jerusha
Tell them to screw off. If they're only you're friends to get answers to work then they aren't much friends.
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Jerusha Originally Answered: My friend's mad at me cuz I won't let her copy off my homework what should i do?
Don't do anything. She will eventually get over it. Trust me. You guys just had a petty argument. In a few days, all will be well again.

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