What should the name of this group of people be?

What should the name of this group of people be? Topic: What should the name of this group of people be?
July 16, 2019 / By Sukie
Question: I'm writing a Draco Malfoy fanfiction on Mibba, and it's about him and a girl who are being targeted by these people. These people are very dangerous; they're more powerful than Dumbledore and Voldemort. They are skeletons of their past bodies, and their bones are stained with unicorn blood and human blood. They wear black cloaks and have black abysses for eyes. If you stare into their eyes long enough, you turn into a pile of ashes. What should their name be? I would like something unique, creative, and original. :D @Remus How? You don't even know the whole idea of the story. I'm just focusing on the villains because those are the only people that I need help with. None of those names are working D: I'd like a one-word name, please.
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Rachyl Rachyl | 7 days ago
i got some... -the skulls -the burners -the fleshlings -the flesh-eaters -the damned -the bones of the damned -the bones thats all i can think of at the moment. I'll admit there not that good, but hope it helps a little.
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Rachyl Originally Answered: In a group of people, 94% are European and 77% are male, what percentage of those people are European males?
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Melinda Melinda
Evil Darklings of Death? You're trying too hard to make the focal characters more challenged than the hero of the original work. Draco Malfoy would have been disintegrated if anyone more powerful than Dumbledore or Voldemort wanted to kill him.
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Leatrice Leatrice
Claretmort's, Claret:. A deep purplish-red color. also a dark red wine from Bordeaux France. Mort: French for Dead I suppose you could also go with Mortclaret's
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