What Size Binder Do I Need for 8th Grade?

What Size Binder Do I Need for 8th Grade? Topic: What Size Binder Do I Need for 8th Grade?
July 16, 2019 / By Veronica
Question: Im going into 8th grade and it says i need 6 2" binders for each subject (-gym) But my brother is going into 10th grade and it says 1 1/2 or 2 inch binders. I had two 2" binders last year the rest were 1 1/2". Also, last year I had an "Everything Binder" which contained basic stuff (i.e. pens+pencils, schedules, a folder to keep all our homework and my agenda.) so where would I keep all of that stuff this year? Plus how would all 2" binders fit in my locker because i only had 1 2"inch binder in my locker that i could fit last year. I know its a lot but I am usually very organized and like to keep things neat and tidy, espically in my locker.
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Serena Serena | 9 days ago
Go with whatever size it says. Then if you still don't have enough space buy another one :) sadly i am very unorganized so I'm JEALOUS! Haha
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Serena Originally Answered: I left my binder at.school!?
If she's how you say lies won't work. She'll see through the lie. But a note from a parent always works. If your parents write a note saying that you guys went out of town, or you were sick, or a relative was sick it'll be more believable because your parents signed it. Second thing you could do is try to lie, but it has to be GOOD. If you were sick then figure out what sickness makes you TOO Ill to do homework, but lasts ALL weekend. You could also (assuming she isn't your first period) complete The assignment in a different class. DO NOT SAY; My printer was broken - if she's like my teachers then you GOT her email, or you could have hand written it, or you could have brought it on a USB and printed it at school. I didn't have a calculator - The Internet has scientific calculators I'm sure. I didn't understand - this MAY work but she could ask why your parents didn't just help. I did it but I spilled juice on it this morning - they'd probably WANT the copy of the homework with juice stained on it. -.- Excuses? Sick, EXTREMELY busy, but that usually only works on a weekday, moving (although she'd probably bring up moving At a parent teacher interview, same with saying a relative is sick - those excuses are only good if A.) It's true or B.) your parents are in on it lol) Uhm that's about all I got! Try and finish it in earlier classes but also think of an excuse or get a note! Goodluck!
Serena Originally Answered: I left my binder at.school!?
pass back on your college which incorporate your mom or dad and see if there's a janitor or somebody on campus who can open the door. ive had that ensue and somebody opened the door for me to get my subject concerns

Olyvia Olyvia
I'm assuming you have 4 core classes, 1 language, and 1 elective. So get 2 4" binders for your core classes; one binder for two classes. Get two 2" binders one for language and one for elective. And get one binder for homework and your agenda.
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Mae Mae
You get what it says....and duh your brothers is different he's gonna be a SOPHOMORE ad you're in 8th grade.
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Mae Originally Answered: Need help with organizing my binder for 7 classes? +BQ?
EDIT: I would say that you should go with one binder , that way you will be able to homework for other classes, and having two binder can get confusing. You might accidentally forget to switch binders one day and then you have none of your stuff for the day. It is best to just keep everything with you. I would only do this if you are aloud to carry a backpack around, if you have to carry books in your hand, I would suggest going with two binders and one for 3rd period that way you will not have to carry so much around. A color coordination system is the best. I know you said that the folder system isn't the best idea for you but the folder system that I use is more of a mini binder system.If I were you I would get a folder for every class, make sure that the folder has prongs though, that way you can put all the notes the teachers give you into the folders in proper order and you will not have loose papers just floating around. Also make sure that the folders and plastic that way they do not rip after a week. I would suggest getting a three hole punch, but make sure it is a three hole punch that fits into your binder, they are fantastic. For classes that you need to take notes in get a notebook that matches the folder color, that way you automatically know, oh a yellow note book- english! I use this system and all of the notes that I type I aways print them in the same color as the folder too. For math, I made sure that my protractor and Calculator are the same color as my folder. For these thing I put them inside one of the pencil cases that have a three hole punch and then I put them inside the correct order. This system is simple and fast. I would also suggest caring a pencil case with you, that is just filled with tons of pens and pencils erasers ecctra. Hope this helps, good luck.

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