What to do about a 4yr old who talks incessantly?

What to do about a 4yr old who talks incessantly? Topic: What to do about a 4yr old who talks incessantly?
June 27, 2019 / By Adamina
Question: My son is 4 years old and he talk quite alot. As soon as he wakes up, he is talking, when he is eating he is talking (although I tell him not to do it, he would choke), at school from the principal to the aunties at his preschool says he talk too much. He does his work at school, but only when the principal puts him at her desk. He has never come home with a bad paper yet,he gets all correct. He just talks non-stop. One of the teachers taped his mouth, for talking, which I don't think is right either, but I really don't know what to do. If i put him to sit and do a puzzle and he would do it and he would sit and colour by himself but he would still be talking. He gives me no problems at bed time and he is a good sleeper. His talking is becoming a problem for the preschool, what can I do so that he talks a little less?
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Tahath Tahath | 3 days ago
He's just a 'unique' and extremely intelligent kid. At his age, he does not realize what he's doing - let alone understand that it's annoying. He just has a 'busy' mind and the way he gets rid of his thoughts is to constantly talk. You might try to reward him for 'not talking' for a certain time period - like 5 minutes... The next time his teacher puts tape over his mouth.....have her fired - she's NOT allowed to do this. You might, also, research his diet; make sure it's good healthy foods only. No junk food, no carbonated drinks and no sweets.
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Perce Perce
He'll outgrow it with time. Just keep reminding him not to talk in school. My mom always said I talked non stop. I have memories starting at the age of 4 of trying to talk to her and her ignoring me and telling me to go away. Even now at 30 yrs old, she is short with me. She'll start sighing when I am trying to tell her something on the phone. Just don't make your son feel like he's a nuisance or that he is annoying you.
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Lovell Lovell
He's just a smart boy and has alot on his mind.My son is a talker too,(he's 7) and we had the same problem with him in school.I just talked to him about when it is acceptable to talk in school and when it is not.He understands that he can talk at recess and lunch time,but not in class unless he has a question for the teacher.Just explain it to your son and I'm sure he will understand.
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Jaymes Jaymes
Maybe he is just destined to be a world famous political debater. If possible, maybe you could get him into a class at the rec center that will help him focus. Yoga or karate might be good for him.
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Gallagher Gallagher
Teach him self control. Its not like kids wake up with it one morning or something. They learn it over time, through consistency at home. I have a three year old in the same boat- learning when its time to not talk, and when its time to talk.
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