What to expect in high school?

What to expect in high school? Topic: What to expect in high school?
June 24, 2019 / By Aggie
Question: Okayy...so i'm a freshie in band and band camp starts next Wednesdayy.:) and my school starts August 10th! What all could i expect in high school? I'm taking Honors, Algebra 1, "" Biology 1, "" World Geo, Adv. Honors English 1, Band, Wellness, and Agriscience (Pre-vet class). i'm expecting to have a lot of homework...but what else? and im also REALLY nervous so could i have tips for studying, organization, or just tips in general??? Thanks for the help!!!
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Tierney Tierney | 2 days ago
Organization tips: 1. Color code your classes 2. Write.down your homework (Do it) 3. Set up a place at.home for school work What to expect: 1.LOTS OF FREEDOM 2. Do not expect to be babied in HS 3. Get lost (first couple of days) 4. Lots of very tall people lol 5. It gets much easier after 2 weeks More tips : 1. Do not stand in the middle of the hall way you will get pushed. 2. If you have lockers keep it organized it makes it easier to go from class to class 3. Have a sweater handy it usually gets cold in classrooms IR for dress code violations 4. DO YOUR HW 5. STUDY FOR TEST 6. always make time for friends/ make friends
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Tierney Originally Answered: What should I expect going into high school?
Here are some points: 1. The amount of reading assigned will be greater. every teacher thinks their class is the onlu class you have. 2. Be prepared to research topics and write 5 or 10 page papers 3. More freedom to decide which courses you want to enroll in 4. There will be more students 5. Some high schools have a volunteerism requirements 6. High school sports is very competitive but games are always fun 7. Some schools require team projects Hopefully these help.

Rainard Rainard
Look out for sophomore, they think they are tough but realy the are just last years freshies that let a single year get to their head, by second semester the seniors will have fixed that. Juniors are not much of a problem IF you give them their space. Junior year is the hardest and most stressful and you don't want one to snap on you, you're will be a stress ball for the rest of the year. Now the seniors, you will soon know them well. Their job is to make or break the underclass mates. They have had 3 years of highschool hell and this is their last year, they WILL make the best of it at your expense. Nothing will stop that just remember you will be a senior soon (but don't let it get to your sophomore head or sophomore year will be freshmen year all over agian). Just hope the seniors take more notice of the other kids. Remember high school is a big lake with fish of all sizes. Know your size and your place and it will be just fine :) Just kidding xD not really!! As a new senior I can tell you it is not that bad, you will have a lot of home work but junior year is the worst really :P and the seniors don't take much notice of the underclass men! It really is not that bad just don't go pick fights or start rumors that's the best advice I can give you! :)
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Marlin Marlin
Wow...you sound smart. I'm now a junior and to be honest with you Freshman year sucks...you have to start over and meet all new people. Don't worry though it gets ALOT better...once you find your group of friends high school will be fun! If your coming to school with people you already know...they will change and you may outgrow them so just be nice to everyone. One tip though...don't brag about how smart you are or show off...people really won't like that. Stay on track with school but freshman year is all about meeting people. Just stay organized and don't fall behind or turn in late work. Also be extra nice to your teachers and talk to them...they love that! Don't be nervous..you'll be fine Good luck! and best wishes!
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Jerrard Jerrard
Don't worry at all. High school really isn't that big of a deal. You'll be fine. :) I'm assuming you did well in middle school, because you placed into advanced classes, so it won't be much of a jump going to ninth grade. Literally, don't be nervous. And just take care of yourself, find a healthy balance of work, and hang around people that make you happy. Good luck, you're so close!
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Gilead Gilead
My biggest mistake as a freshman: Not doing homework. Dug myself into a hole and couldn't get myself out. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Got it? Good. Also enjoy the classes that have good teachers because chances are that you'll have bad ones and they can tend to ruin your year. As long as you do your work you'll be fine. And have fun. High school only happens once(technically), make the best out of it. It can be great if you make it great.
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Gilead Originally Answered: What to expect for the first week of middle school?
On the real, expect to get bullied. People are trying to make a good impression on the cool kids so they can secure a position in their friend circle for summer and for high school. It's a warzone. The main thing to remember is not to let anyone push you around and always be the first one to get physical so people learn not to walk all over you.

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