What would be a decent laptop to buy for college?

What would be a decent laptop to buy for college? Topic: What would be a decent laptop to buy for college?
June 27, 2019 / By Abelia
Question: I need a laptop for college and I've been doing some research on different models. For one I DO NOT want a Dell. I've heard too many bad things about them and one of my siblings owned one that when she got it it didn't have the hard-drive intact so she had to send it back. Plus their customer service is horrible. I may buy an HP, but I'm sort of hinting towards the no side with that brand. I've considered a Mac (not the Macbook Air) and I have been looking at the Asus computers and they look like they would be decent. I was also told by a friend that the Lenovo laptops are suppose to be a good brand. I know that Alienware computers are good, but I do not want a gaming computer. The computer I have now is ancient. It's an Acer Aspire 300 series. But if anyone can help me with choosing a decent type of laptop I would be grateful! Also price is not an issue as I have been saving up for quite some time to buy a new laptop.
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Steve Steve | 2 days ago
For college, I strongly recommend the mini netbook, and here's why: 1. You can get one from http://onlynetbooks.com for $99, and they are a legitimate company 2. They are the lightest weight, small units - I assure you that you do not want to carry a laptop around campus. Ask people who are already in college and they'll tell you. The onlynetbooks.com systems are lighter than a textbook, small and simple. 3. They do come with an Office Suite - a simple one, but one that is compatible with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. 4. They jump onto WiFi easily. 5. Type notes in class or write papers in your room, and use a USB jump drive to print in the computer lab. 6. Charger is the size of a small cell phone charger, rather than the ridiculous sized laptop chargers. 7. They sell almost exclusively to college students for these reasons - cheap, simple, small/lightweight, good for taking notes and simple internet browsing. And you can save the rest of your money for more important things... Anyway, good luck and happy studies!
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Asus is a really good brand, get one if you can. HP, Dell, and all the other manufacturers really use the same hardware, manufactured by the same company. Just the shell of the laptop usually looks different. And just FYI, Alienware is Dell.
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Lindon Lindon
i do no longer think of it inevitably concerns which style. in simple terms look on the equipment specifications. the quicker the processor in GHz, that's greater efficient. The greater RAM, the greater efficient. yet once you're purely typing word information and checking digital mail, you're no longer likely to choose something as powerful as somebody who would be enjoying photograph-extensive video games. you'll be able to choose a huge show, or a working laptop or computing gadget which would be smaller and much less complicated to hold around. you'll be able to choose a cool, colourful layout or undeniable black. i think of Dell is fairly decrease priced and that they do have some laptops with abode windows XP, in case you do no longer choose Vista. I additionally think of Dell shall we you personalize greater desirable than others do, yet shop around and spot what you like. and attempt to get the terrific deal! you'll be able to choose a guaranty too. something to look into. stable success and congrats on your attractiveness into NYU.
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Jarlath Jarlath
I think you should check out refurbished laptops as these are really nice laptops in terms of specifications as well as in terms of prices too. Again I would say that at least you should give a look at these refurbished laptops.
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Jarlath Originally Answered: What is the best laptop to get for college?
LMAO! WRONG. YES they do still sell them. Not sure what planet you have been on. And you don't want 8 if at all possible. It sucks *** frankly. Buy the one on sale at your local computer retailer or online at newegg or fry's or any of several other well known places.

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