What's better to have?

What's better to have? Topic: What's better to have?
June 26, 2019 / By Wynter
Question: While wearing a bikini, what's better to have? A decent stomach or nice legs? Or rather, what would you rather not see: flabby thighs or a flabby stomach? And what size do you think is the biggest you should be to wear one? [And I mean what you would be fine with seeing, not the 'if you feel comfortable' answers.] **This is not a question about me. It's just an opinion question. I'm bored and don't want to do homework. I actually don't really have any homework tonight.
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Shay Shay | 10 days ago
lol. im a girl with perfectly flat stomach apparently and a nice belly button. but my legs are atrocious. im not even gonna explain them. i prefer to be what i am, 'cos in a bikini, the first thing you notice is the stomach, when your legs ar wet you can barely see how bad they are. i'd rather see someone wiv a flabby thighs and flat stomach simple.
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Parris Parris
lol, i know the feeling... extreme boredom [= well personally i think size 14s should not wear them, unless they're only size 14 because they're very heavy chested or curvy in the right places you spot your legs more than your stomach, so i'd have to say nice legs are more vital. although it isn't fat legs which look gross, it's if they're pale and hairy, and at the peak time of year for wearing bikinis most peoples legs are covered in bloody insect bites too.... a flat stomach is nice, but if someone was a little chubby it doesn't matter, although i think they should wear a tankini/costume instead then again it's easier to hide nasty legs with board shorts or a sarong, so i'd rather have a flat stomach than nice legs i think, for wearing a bikini neways. so basically... so long as legs look not too pale and are shaven they're ok if they're a bit flabby, a stomach isn't really important so long as it's not like rolls of fat llol xxxx
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Margarita Margarita
*** well stop procrastinating by asking about flabby legs, pick up a pencil and get it done. chances are your not gonna want to do it later any more than you do now. *** ( sorry for sounding like your "mother" but seriously. I used to procrastinate on everything and it just made life so hard! )
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