What's your daily routine ages: 17-?

What's your daily routine ages: 17-? Topic: What's your daily routine ages: 17-?
June 24, 2019 / By Alissa
Question: I feel off schedule with myself. As far as eating, workout, and appropriate times to bathe, read, etc. I just like to know what's your daily routine. You can include your jogging, reading time, bathing time, eating, etc and if you have kids in the schedule that's even better! Thanks guys!
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Urban Urban | 1 day ago
I wake up around 6ish get up get changed go eat a small breakfast then go brush my teeth and wash my face. Go to school come home go for a run(or practice after school) do my homework eat dinner finish my homework then shower. Then I usually have about an hour to watch tv before I go to bed.
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Urban Originally Answered: What is your daily routine? :)?
wake up, eat breakfast, wash up and get dress, tidy up house, do miscellaneous things, watch tv/ get on computer, bedtime
Urban Originally Answered: What is your daily routine? :)?
wakep get ready, school, hangout with friends or go places, homework, tv/computer, spend time with family, bed. :)

Robert Robert
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Micajah Micajah
wake up at 745, breakfast, class at 830 til 1110, lunch at 12, class at 1, workout at 2, finish by 330, shower, homework and chill
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Micajah Originally Answered: teenager daily routine?
Weekdays- Wake up at 6:30. After I wake up I take a shower (10-15 minutes). After the shower I do my hair. Then I do my make-up. Then I grab a apple, or banana, or yogurt, or something I can eat on the way to school. Then I wait for my friend Kelsey to pick me up.. My school starts at 7:30 (we usually go out and grab taco bell or just stay on campus and hangout). When school gets out I usually go to any of my friends house then hangout. Then I go to my house around 4:00 then start on my homework which can last 15 minutes-2 1/2 hours. Then at 5:30 I make dinner and eat it. I usually go to bed at 12-1am. Good luck on your project! Hope those helps!

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