When I was your age.?

When I was your age.? Topic: When I was your age.?
June 24, 2019 / By Albert
Question: I'm doing a school essay starting with "when I was your age"can you guys give me some suggestions?? I'm between 13 and 16... would that help?? some where in between.... Oh yeah... and this is for a commonwealth international competition...... That's why it was impromptu No... its a current story...
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Syd Syd | 7 days ago
...... we had to use ink wells in school ...... we never had those fancy "computer thingy's" ...... we used long-division, never had a calculator ...... tv was good back then, and we only had 3 channels, and 2 were the same! ...... we SAT DOWN for dinner, we didn't just grab & go ...... we had rotary phones & you HAD to be home to use them ....... cars lasted more than 12 years, with half the stuff missing
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Reba Reba
Every one is going back in time, is that the point? Maybe try writing it from the future like 50-100 years from now, a grandpa saying to his grandchild 'when i was your age' then you can make it all up and use your imagination to create an interesting future, maybe even a war or something. I think I might write a short story like this, cheers for the idea teacher!!
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Merlyn Merlyn
It would help to know what your age is? When I was your age, I witnessed the first moon landing as it was broadcast on live TV. That same year, I watched in horror as Robert Kennedy was shot. I lived through the Vietnam war and witnessed Woodstock.
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Leslie Leslie
Are you supposed to write it from a future point (like you're telling your kids/grandkids what life was like when you were 13-16)? Or are you supposed to write about people now who used to be your age? When I was your age... The Simpson's were groundbreaking television. we were at war with Iraq. George Bush was president. teenagers were all right and adults were all wrong.
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Josette Josette
when i was your age [writing to a kid who's about 7, 8 now]... it was exciting to get up early on saturday mornings for cartoons ipods didn't exist, but cd players did beanie babies, not webkinz, were the craze soulja wasn't even invented... but the macarena was. cell phones were rare, unless you enjoyed carrying around something the size of a regular house phone the most amazing tv shows were on tv: hey arnold, rocket power, doug, rugrats, etc... mm yeah that's all i guess.
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Georgine Georgine
Imagine that you are talking to your younger brother, younger cousine, etc. Tell them something hard, interesting, or funny that is different from the way things are now, or something that you always had to do that you will always remember at that age! If you do not have younger family members, pretend you are talking to someone at least five years younger than you are.
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